2013 Toyota 86 Part 4: The Delivery

Our 86 gets delivered in style

By Imthishan Giado 

2013 Toyota 86 Delivery

After its long day in the workshop getting rustproofed and tinted, our new 86 is finally back in the showroom to be handed over. As it turns out, the process is a little more elaborate (and fun) than just throwing me a set of keys.

 When I arrive in the showroom, the car’s fully under wraps in this rather natty velvet cover, complete with the plaque above. I’m itching to tear the cover off right away, but as my salesperson Nadeem reminds me, there’s still the matter of registration to be done.

2013 Toyota 86 DeliveryCue a short trip to the centre of the DFC showroom where the embedded RTA lives and a quick dive into my wallet to pay the Dh450 registration fee, which includes long plates on both ends of the car. Despite my best efforts to charm them, the lovely ladies of the RTA could not be persuaded to provide me with a plate that said just ’86’ on it. Turns out if you try, you still don’t succeed!

2013 Toyota 86 DeliveryThe registration card or ‘mulkiyah’ as it’s known here is printed on the spot but the plates are actually sent from the RTA office, since the DFC showroom doesn’t have its own plate factory. If you want a nicer number you’ll have to make your way to the RTA office and pony up some cash. 2013 Toyota 86 DeliveryThe plates are then fitted to the car by a man of very few words. For him, this isn’t the first 86 in the country – it’s just another day on the job.

2013 Toyota 86 DeliveryA couple of screws and he’s all done, while doing a great job of ignoring the small crowd forming behind him.

2013 Toyota 86 DeliveryThen the car is driven over the completely non-cheesy backdrop where owners can pose for pictures and receive a giant key, or my case, completely hold said key the wrong way.

At this point, it’s important to note that this is not some special service I was accorded on account of being a journalist. This delivery procedure is actually available to every Toyota customer for any vehicle sold, from a Yaris to a Land Cruiser. The brainchild of branch manager Ray, it’s a charming if little known touch that adds a little spice to let’s face it, one of the most iconic (and expensive) moments in a person’s life.

2013 Toyota 86 DeliveryNadeem and myself then get to work on the tricky job of pulling the sheets off in one fluid motion. It’s fun with a capital F!

And believe me, it’s a real moment seeing your own car there, all freshly polished and ready for action.

2013 Toyota 86 DeliveryNadeem gets his own handover ceremony! A good salesperson can make all the difference to a buying experience and this one’s definitely been one of the best.

2013 Toyota 86 DeliveryNo, Nadeem didn’t forget to put the antenna on during the pre-delivery inspection! The stubby little piece of plastic does not bend so it had to removed for the red sheet to fit correctly.

2013 Toyota 86 Delivery

We’re on the home straight now but I can’t just stick the key into the ignition and drive away. Nadeem first has to walk me through all the functions and features of the car and make sure I understand exactly how everything works. Which I kind of already do having obsessively studied this car for the past six months but well, the man must be humoured. 2013 Toyota 86 Delivery

And actually it’s worth paying attention to the man, because he points two important things to me. First: with its tricky-dicky direct-injection systems, do not put anything less than 98RON petrol in this car. Second: don’t roll the windows down because the tint is still drying. No drive-though burgers for me then!

2013 Toyota 86 DeliveryWith Nadeem out of the car, the time has finally come for me to start up my new car Magic moment? You betcha. Even with all the behind-the-scenes stuff we’ve been doing, at no point did I actually ever sit in my own car or start it up, even though everyone’s been urging me to do so. Gotta keep some surprises for opening night.

So I fall into the well bolstered seat, press the light and somewhat springy down all the way before spinning the Camry-spec key in its barrel. With a slight cough, the engine rumbles to life, a distinctly unrefined rattle and clatter emitting from under the hood. Oh God. It sounds like an angry commercial vehicle, not the sewing machine-smooth sports car I was expecting.

2013 Toyota 86 Delivery

I absolutely adore it.

2013 Toyota 86 DeliverySlot the notchy, stubby little gearlever into first. Ease that clutch out – don’t want to stall it in front of everyone! And…I’m finally away, heading into the sunlight.

2013 Toyota 86 DeliveryWhoa, hold your horses there Giado. Despite that sign, nobody gets through that gate without the (friendly) security guard first receiving his all-important gate pass. Luckily, Nadeem slipped it into my hands and I didn’t do my usual thing of crumpling up pieces of paper and tossing them into the nearest trash can. Gate pass gratefully given, it’s time to go. My first corner awaits.

2013 Toyota 86 Delivery

OK, I didn’t drift it. Not with half the showroom watching!2013 Toyota 86 Delivery

Time to hit the open road and go find some adventure.

Or more importantly, a SALIK tag.

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  1. chris says:

    so you did roll down the windows to hand over the gate pass eh?

  2. Laurie says:

    So the sign saying DO NOT OPEN WINDOWS FOR NEXT 48 HOURS was completely ignored. On both windows. (shakes head)

  3. Sam86 says:

    Hahahah you right Laurie so funny from them

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