Zarooq Motors SandRacer now available

UAE-designed and made all-terrain supercar now available to order

By Shahzad Sheikh

Zarooq Motors SandRacer 500GT

Zarooq Motors has announced the first batch of 35 of its all-new car, the SandRacer 500GT, are ready for production.

The 2-seater, rear-wheel drive, mid-engine all-terrain supercar features a carbon fibre body made in Belgium and a hand-stitched leather interior by Mansory.

Zarooq Motors SandRacer 500GT

Power comes from a 6.2-litre V8 with 525bhp with a 5-speed sequential transmission from Weddle Industries.

The car weights only 1200kg and has two suspension and height settings – road and sand. Suspension travel is up to 45cm thanks to Dakar-grade Intrax dampers.

Zarooq Motors SandRacer 500GT

It boasts a lightweight space frame racing chassis with a built-in roll cage designed by Campos Racing.

With production facilities in the UAE and Monaco, the first cars will be delivered before the end of the year and are priced at $450,000 in UAE.

Zarooq Motors SandRacer 500GT

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