Weird ‘Wireframe’ Range Rover Evoque to pop up all over!

First you had the baby Rangies roaming around dressed up in strange patterns and now this.
By Shahzad Sheikh

It’s like one of those Road Runner cartoons where the character accelerates away so fast, it leaves the silhouette of its shape behind. That’s what these wifeframe models of the all-new Range Rover Evoque remind me of.

And if you wanna have Road Runner Rangies imprinted in your memory – and you live in the UAE – then head down to Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR) where this has been set up at the Ritz Roundabout.

The 1:1 scale Evoque replica is made from steel wire and painted luminous neon blue, so I expect it’s much more spectacular in pictures than in the metal, literally. You’ll be able to see it here till 7 October after which it gets moved to Dubai International Financial Centre, where it will stay on show from 16-20 October.

Shortly after it will have multiplied and split into two versions one each of which will go on display at the Virgin Megastores in Mall of the Emirates in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Mall.

Of course these aren’t the first time these luminescent car skeletons have been seen – they were previously spotted in New York’s Grand Central Station, San Paolo Fashion Week and Paris’s Pompidou Centre.

I’m hoping to get behind the wheel of this car next month, but by all accounts Land Rover is on to a winner with this, but with starting prices at AED 235,000 (nearly $64k) is it a bit too expensive for what people will willingly pay for a small SUV here?

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