Watch MacGyver Fix A Jeep…With An Egg

Angus MacGyver shows you to how to fix a broken radiator – and then fight off some baddies
By Imthishan Giado

We’re big fans of  ’80s action-adventure show MacGyver here at MME – and really, who wouldn’t be? Every week, hunky star Richard Dean Anderson kept the free world safe from communists and terrorists with just his scientist’s brain, sharp wits, a trusty Swiss Army knife and whatever materials he had lying around the scene. No guns – just good ol’ fashioned science.

This is one of my favourite moments from the series.  In ‘Bushmaster’, Mac uses a Jeep to escape from a hostile South American country using the unguarded rail lines. Yes, rail lines and a Jeep – it just happens to fit on the train tracks perfectly! Unfortunately, the Jeep’s got a busted radiator; no problem for MacGyver who whips up an ingenious fix using nothing more than egg whites and some water!  to get it back on the er, tracks.

Bizarre as it seems, this method of repairing radiators actually works! Mythbusters has tested the theory and found it perfectly plausible. The original idea actually came from a MacGyver fan – each week the writers received thousands of homebrew creation ideas from fans with the best ones making it into the show.

2 responses to “Watch MacGyver Fix A Jeep…With An Egg”

  1. Ironman says:

    Yep, back in the old days, he was every kids hero… but the below link will wanna make you cry..

    • admin says:

      [Shahzad] Yeah but to be fair to him, you can’t do anything with modern cars when they break down except call someone with a computer that will talk to it. Now if it was an old Jeep… 😉

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