Veloster + Dubai = future hit?

Hyundai’s answer to the CRX is real – and it’s here in the Gulf
by Imthishan Giado

Is this the first Veloster in Dubai? And more importantly, will it come with a stick?

To the first question – yes, of course it is! The Veloster has been testing in this market in camouflaged form for more than year now, but this is the first actual photo of a production version that we’ve seen in the metal.

It’s become such a cliche already, but this is yet another superb-looking Hyundai, with chunky presence, sharply-creased styling and a perfectly matched set of rims. What customers aren’t likely to get is chunky performance; with just 138bhp Civic-rivaling horses under the hood, the Veloster is expected to take about 8 seconds to lope to 100kph. Prices haven’t been revealed – you’ll have to wait until the Dubai Motor Show for the final amount – but our sources believe that it will range from AED73k-80k.

Oh, and that second question? The first batch of Velosters will all be six-speed dual clutch automatics. Don’t hold your breath for the six-speed stick, we hear…

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