UAE Zarooq Motors Sand Racer – more details released

Zarooq Motors officially revealed further information on its forthcoming UAE-built Sand Racer today

By Shahzad Sheikh

Zarooq Motors Sand Racer

Last month UAE-based car manufacturers announced they would be building a rally-raid style car specifically for the UAE and released a picture but very little information – you can read that story here.

Click below to watch the actual press conference (this was original broadcast live on Periscope)

So what is the Zarooq Motors Sand Racer?

It’s the brainchild of prominent UAE motorsports figure, Mohammed Al Qadi and former French Racer, Bruno Laffite. It’s named after the Schockari Sand Racer – known to be fastest and most agile snake in the desert – and was designed by Anthony Jannarelly (who also worked on the W Motors cars). The car will be made in the UAE in partnership with French Motorsport specialists Jannarelly & Juillot Special with the chassis by Campos Racing GP2.

Zarooq Motors Sand Racer

Here’s what we now know about the project:

  • Emirati company, Zarooq Motors wants to be known for off-road capability and performance and will not move into mass production in the near future.
  • Sand Racer is a two-door, two-seat sports-coupe body shape with closed cockpit and air conditioning, constructed with a steel tube full racing chassis incorporating full roll cage and aluminium bulkheads with lightweight bodywork made from a choice of either fibre glass or carbon fibre.
  • Handmade in the UAE using local suppliers and resources from across the Emirates as much as possible.
  • Low volume production with first batch of 20 cars to arrive in 2016 – after test mules get sign-off in January or February next year – chassis and design finalised already. Prices starting from around $100,000.
  • It will be powered by a 3.5-litre V6 producing 304bhp and 274lb ft of torque (rev limited to 6600rpm) with a top speed of 200kph. Engine could be tuned up to 500bhp.
  • The engine is rear mid-mounted driving the rear wheels through sequential six-speed racing gearbox with paddle shifts. The engine partner has not been revealed.
  • The car will be 4200mm long and 2084mm wide with 45 degree approach angle, 53 degree departure angle and 315mm ground clearance.
  • Total weight will be approximately 1000kg with a 40:60 front and rear balance.
  • First prototypes to be ready in January, when the car will be revealed for the first time.
  • The Sand Racer is road legal and built to low-volume manufacturer homologation rules, and you will be able to registered it for the road in the UAE.
  • It will have air-conditioning, audio and infotainment, spare wheels, car cover, LED lights, cupholder and glovebox etc…
  • The car has been compared to the Local Motors Rally Fighter, but Zarooq says that the Sand Racer is considerably lighter and the mid-engine format will make it less nose-heavy and it will be specifically set-up for sand driving.
  • Future plans include four-wheel drive, a four-seater long-wheelbase edition and hybrid and electric powered editions, as well as an extensive customisation programme.

Zarooq Motors Sand Racer

And it’s not just a car, but Zarooq will also create a race series and even a purpose-built racing facility!

  • Sand Racer will be a race-ready vehicle and Zarooq will be looking to enter into existing rally events such as the Dubai International Rally and the annual Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge.
  • A one-make off-road race series will be organised just for the Sand Racer – which should see up to 15 cars line-up for exciting and spectacular battles on a sand track.
  • Talking of which, Zarooq has acquired a 100 acre piece of land near Dubai and will be creating a purpose-built sand track racing facility which will include a driver training school and programme, as well as family leisure facilities including swimming pool – planned for opening in October 2016.
  • Featuring a sand track shaped to resemble the word ‘Dubai’ in Arabic, the venue will also be open to other racers and uses such as corporate entertainment and potentially car launches. It would even be feasible to adapt the facility for Rallycross style mixed tarmac and sand events.

Zarooq Motors Sand Racer

Motoring Middle East applauds the bold and ambitious plans, and we frankly can’t wait to see and drive this car, or to sample the Sand Track facility!

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  3. Emanuele says:

    Oh SHUT UP. I happen to think that looks way cool. I am a guy, Heterosexual guy (45 years old) and think that would deietfnily stand out in a crowd. That would definably be after market.

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