Used Buying Guide Honda Civic saloon 2006-2011

Read this before you go out and buy a used Honda Civic. It’s everything you need to know!

By Shahzad Sheikh

Honda Civic 2006-11 used buying guide

Now in its ninth generation the Honda Civic is 40 years old and, along with the Accord, a mainstay of the Honda line-up. Like its bigger brother it has a legion of loyal owners that swear by it, and some that will only ever buy another Civic, or would maybe move up to an Accord or CR-V.

If you are thinking of buying a second hand example then this is for you: our Used Buying Guide Honda Civic 2006-11.

The Civic is as popular with enthusiasts and weekend racers as it is the commuter crowd, much loved by modifiers and customisers. The fifth (1991-1995) and sixth (1996-2000) generation cars are particular favourites of Japanese car tuners, but this eighth generation 2006-2011 model also proved a hit on track and at car shows.

Honda Civic 2006-11 used buying guide

After the rather dowdy seventh generation version (2001-2005), the sharp-edged and rakish good looks of this car not only brought the ageing Civic bang-up-to-date but catapulted it into the future. Don’t believe us? Well the Civic that replaced it in 2012 was universally panned, and only a year later, it’s had to be heavily facelifted (read review here) to resemble the older car you see on these pages.

Well if it wasn’t broke, you shouldn’t have tried to fix it Honda! And that’s the other part of this equation – it never breaks. Civics reliably trundle along forever as long as you keep their high-revving VTEC engines well lubricated with fresh doses of oil at fairly regularly intervals.

So if you’re buying a recent model Civic, this is definitely the generation to be looking at – it also helps that it was a big seller, so there’s plenty on the used market.

Honda Civic 2006-11 used buying guide

Why buy it?

If you’re looking for a compact four-door saloon that’s affordable, remarkably spacious, extremely practical and of course utterly reliable you could actually look at any of the Japanese offerings. And indeed some of the Korean propositions too.

However if you also want your next new-used car to be stand-out stylish, engaging yet easy to drive and a quality offering, then you’re left with the 06-11 Civic. They’re easy to find on the market and with plentiful supply which means you can afford to be choosy and wait for a good-spec original car in excellent condition. In fact, being more popular than the model that followed it, these versions even hold their value well.

Honda Civic 2006-11 used buying guide

Why not buy it?

Frankly speaking we’re scraping the barrel to try to come up with any legitimate reason not to buy it. Perhaps all your neighbours have got one and you want to stand apart – in which case you could customise it with innumerable after-market options including bodykits and wheels. Or maybe you find the two-tier instrument panel a little annoying, although that was an innovation with this car and one of its most interesting features.

On the other hand, you will be able to buy Toyota Corollas and Mitsubishi Lancers of similar age and spec for considerably less money – although they are more likely to be ex-fleet or rental cars and not as well-treated as Civics which tend to be bought by private owners.

Honda Civic 2006-11 used buying guide

Model details

  • 1.8-litre four-cylinder SOHC i-VTEC engine producing 140bhp at 6300rpm with 128lb ft torque at 4300rpm.
  • Mated to a five-speed manual or a five-speed automatic, although the vast majority of cars available here will be automatics, manuals will be very rare.
  • Performance: expect 0-100kph acceleration of just under 10 seconds with a top speed of around 200kph.
  • Three trim levels, LXi, EXi and VTi.
  • Equipment included ABS brakes (optional for LXi), airbags, power windows, power mirrors, central locking, 160 Watt four-speaker stereo with MP3 playback, 15-inch steel wheels, driver’s seat height adjustment.

Honda Civic 2006-11 used buying guide

  • Options included electric sunroof and 16-inch alloy wheels as well as cruise control. Front side and side curtain airbags were optional on the EXi and standard on the VTi. VTi also had leather upholstery.
  • Mild facelift in 2009. Apart from upgrades, the engine remained unchanged.
  • Front grille design has a thicker chrome bar at the top and reshaped with sharper edges making the grille appear wider. A new front bumper has wider air intakes and the taillights have larger lenses.
  • ABS now standard on all models and EXi and VTi have 16-inch alloy wheels as standard. VTi gets HID headlights.
  • Improved stereo with USB connectivity
  • Traction control or Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) was standard on EXi and VTi models.
  • Crash test ratings from NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) in the States gives the Civic a full five-star rating for front impacts and four stars for side-impacts.

Honda Civic 2006-11 used buying guide

Which one to buy?

Avoid early teething issues for the all-new 2006 Civic by going for the newest model you can, preferably go for the post-2009 facelift models. For easier resale opt for the VTi spec although the mid-spec EXi with the cloth seats would be the most practical.

Avoid any Civics that have been heavily modified or customised. If there are any modifications ask when and by who they were done, ensure they have been carried out by reputable companies using recognised parts and accessories.

Honda Civic 2006-11 used buying guide

What to look out for?

  • Generally this model, like all Civics, is extremely reliable, durable and dependable, with very few major problems or issues apart from regular wear and tear and ageing issues.
  • Facelifted 2009-onwards Civics report far fewer mechanical issues.
  • Numerous reports on the internet about cracked engine blocks on 2006-2008 model Civics with the 1.8-litre engine. In some markets the warranty was actually extended to eight years to cover this. Indications of a problem include leaks or a coolant smell. The issue was due to casting problems at manufacture.
  • Engine management system can develop a fault if the battery dies, make sure there is no green immobiliser light on the instrument panel. Could mean having to change the MICU (Multiplex Integrated Control Unit).
  • Uneven or excessive tyre wear has also been reported, could be due to suspension issues or wheel alignment.
  • Prone to heavy wear on the brakes, usually needing new pads.

Honda Civic 2006-11 used buying guide

What to pay?

Around AED20,000 will buy you a decent 2006-07 Civic with the best examples asking AED30k, though we’d suggest you don’t pay more than 25k. Budget upto 40k for 07 and 08 models, although you can get the facelifted 09 for around the same money but at higher mileage. As long as it has a full Honda service history, it would be a better bet than the pre-facelift cars.

The 2010 cars can be had for between AED40-60k, though that’s still 15k cheaper than the starting price of the new cars. We expect values of the unloved 2011-2012 models (not covered by this guide) to fall dramatically, and some impact on the 06-11 model prices going forward.

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