Owners Review: Renault Logan

Partha Srinivasan found himself a changed and happy man thanks to budget motoring

By Partha Srinivasan

Owners Review: Partha Srinivasan's Renault_Logan

When I stepped out to buy a car, I was really surprised at the deals that dealers were throwing out there. It made my selection of a car that much more difficult. So when I walked into the Renault showroom near Dubai Airport’s Terminal 2 on Ittihad Road, I was hoping for something similar. I was, in fact, about to settle down for a second hand 2007 Renault Clio sedan model for AED15,000.

But then I found the Renault Logan smiling its familiar set of braces at me, and fond memories of this car came flooding back through from India! I looked the car up and down and thought to myself, “With the cheap cars costing as low as 45/50k from the other brands, this car surely would be around the same cost”.

With this preconception, I walked around the car and the salesman approached me. He showed me the Logan and the Sandero suggesting I put in a wee bit more money and buy the Logan. I asked him for his best deal and told him that I was about to put down some money for the Clio. The salesman told me – ‘don’t buy anything pre-2009 from Renault – the air con is not worth the investment and if someone has not maintained that car, it will be worse. In fact, you would be better off buying a new car.’

I asked what the cost would be and he shocked me by saying it was AED36,000 for the Logan! When he worked out the deal, I was a changed and happy man. I took the car for a spin and loved it! A week later after signing the dotted line and making the first payment, I was the proud owner of the Blue Logan, now named “Hank” (ref: X-Men) standing in the basement parking space of my apartment building.

I could not be happier with this car. Eight months and 25000kms later, this car has really served me well! I have spent all of AED200 on rear speakers as an add on to my Blaupunkt Single CD player, and I have crystal clear audio in my car! Apart from this and the odd full washing service, not a single fil has been spent on the scheduled services thanks to the 50,000km service contract they threw in with my purchase!

Now about the car: it is a 1.6 16 valve engine that delivers a 105bhp (this is printed spec). What I like about this car is the Torque! It can really take off if you floor the pedal! It feels good. I can keep up with the bigger cars very well on the larger roads without breaking a sweat, while if I decide to drive to save money, I can weasel out close to 7.1L/100km economy! The car is spacious with a huge amount of boot space and leg room in the back with the drivers seat pushed all the way back.

I am a happy camper when I drive my car and I am happy to recommend the Renault Logan to anyone who is looking for an entry level car but does not have a huge budget!

Renault Logan saloon


4 responses to “Owners Review: Renault Logan”

  1. Punchinello says:

    I really feel sorry for you man, I really do.

  2. charger says:

    well how’s it compared to the logan made available in india? esp wanna know the engine and the interior point of view! u r welcome to add on more!!

  3. Partha says:

    @Punchinello – Why do you feel sorry? I am not 🙂

    @charger – the logan in India is the same space wise. as far as performance is concerned, this car is way better and less fuel efficient… i would say that the steering is lighter in India than here, but the response and control here is better!

    You should test drive this car before you jump to conclusions! 🙂


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