Our Cars: Volkswagen Passat Sport – Weeks 6 & 7

So good, we’ll have to curse it and see what happens

By Shahzad Sheikh

6-17th Jan 2013 – Week 3-5 report here / Week 8-11 report here

Volkswagen Passat Our Cars - long term report UAE

Are you superstitious? I don’t mean about black cats, ladders and mirror-breaking, I mean like jinxing your own luck.

So here I am over halfway into our ‘ownership’ of the Volkswagen Passat and after 2000km, life with Germany’s best Toyota Camry-challenger is… well… very Camry-like.

That is to say its reliability verges on monotony, its dependability is beyond dreary and it remains as charismatic as a Bosch washing machine. Each and every single time I get in this car it behaves faultlessly and efficiently with not so much as a hiccup or hesitation. And there’s such an utter sense of solidity from this thing you get the feeling that it will never develop a problem.

There, I’ve done it now. See that’s what I mean by superstitious. I thought long and hard about writing that previous paragraph, I really ummed and ahhed over telling you all at this stage that the VW is utterly dependable.

However there were really wasn’t anything else to report, aside from the fuel consumption has improved to 10.3L/100km and as expected the light-coloured interior is already looking a little worse for wear from kid-ferrying duties.

But now I’ve cursed it haven’t I? And the next report will probably read like a litany of lousy luck and mechanical misery. Or will it?

To find out – stay tuned!

2 responses to “Our Cars: Volkswagen Passat Sport – Weeks 6 & 7”

  1. amir says:

    HELLO shahzad

    How quiet is the cabin at high speed? Do you have alot of roadnoise or its a tomb…..

    • admin says:

      Not much road noise, but not quite a ‘tomb’ ie Lexus LS-like. Pretty reasonable though. The tyres are sensible, the suspension geared for comfort and seals are pretty solid as you’d expect.

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