Lincoln Continental Review

Proper name, proper car, proper luxury – the Continental is back. Nice one Lincoln

By Shahzad Sheikh

Watch our video review of the all-new 2017 Lincoln Continental by clicking below now – thanks to AC Delco Arabia for sponsoring this review (please go LIKE their Facebook page – no really, please do it now before you read any further!)

The Continental name is back – phew! I was getting a bit fed up, dare I say, annoyed with all this MK-this and MK-that. I’ve no idea what those cars actually are anymore; I have to look them up each time.

But the Conti is a legendary badge, and as befits such an illustrious name, Ford hasn’t just rebadged a stretched Mondeo and stuck ‘Continental’ on the back. Oh no, this is a new car, with a new style, a new level of luxury and a whole new attitude.

2017 Lincoln Continental Review

Let’s look at that first – Lincoln will tell you that this car is a rival for BMW 5/7, Audi A6/8, Cadillac CTS/CT6, but this car is intent on one mission as I see it – usurping the apocalyptically gangster-cool Chrysler 300C off its Bad-Ass mantle.

And as much as I adore the 300C, and I would rush out today and buy myself an SRT version still, admittedly that platform is getting a bit dated now, and it’s certainly an old-skool offering relying on big muscle to win you over.

2017 Lincoln Continental Review

The Conti brings the same level of brutally handsome presence, style and attitude, but packages the whole personality in a sophisticated and thoroughly modern offering, complete with a sensible, efficient and clever – though still undoubtedly potent – six cylinder heart.

Let’s look at the engine specs and prices for a Conti reborn again after a gap of 14 years, and keep in mind that this is a huge car – in fact do you remember the 1998 Lincoln Town Car (what a local icon that is!)? Well this new Conti has pretty much the same length wheelbase!

2017 Lincoln Continental Review

It all kicks off with a 3.7-litre V6 with 315bhp from AED199,000 ($54k) which is probably a great way to get this hulk of a cool-looker at decent money (though probably more of a hotel or airport car).

More desirable is at least the next step up – even if it appears to be a smaller engine – a 2.7-litre V6, but now with twin turbos and direct injection putting out 344bhp and 380lb ft. That’s up for AED265,000 and $72k.

2017 Lincoln Continental Review

What you and I really want though is the equally sophisticated and smooth 400bhp 3.0 twin turbo V6 with 400lb ft of torque giving you a 0-100kph time of 5.6 seconds. That’s priced at AED300,000 ($82k) and comes with All-Wheel Drive and Torque Vectoring for sharper handling. Surprisingly only a six-speed auto though, considering the many multi-ratio transmissions available in the Ford arsenal elsewhere.

Having said that the car tested in the video is AED325k, largely because of the magnificent 19-speaker Revel Ultima stereo. I can’t justify that extra expense, but then I listened to it and it would be a shame to not have it. Confused? Yes, me too. I like music.

2017 Lincoln Continental Review

Behind that strong new grille – one that’s already appeared on the all-new Navigator and which has also already been snuck in on one of the Conti’s lower siblings, the facelifted MKZ – is a bold and flowing profile tapering off into a classy rear.

Good boot space, but fantastic business-class rear space with a full-complement of toys and massage options for the weary exec being driving home, enjoying a smooth ride.

2017 Lincoln Continental Review

The not-so-weary exec will give the driver the day off though and exploit the keen performance and decent handling for something of this mass. What it does best though is cruise, cruise everywhere in comfort and class. That’s what this is all about.


Fantastic new offering from Lincoln and finally a modern car truly worthy of a Lincoln badge – you will not feel shortchanged by this car at all. In fact you will easily justify the money on this and you will look back at it each time you park it. Stick it on your shortlist ahead of the Mercedes E-Class and right there alongside one of my favourites in this segment – the Volvo S90.



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