Infiniti QX60 video review

Nissan’s luxury edition of the Pathfinder changes tags in a bid to make a better case for itself

By Shahzad Sheikh

Infiniti QX60

If you click below to play my video review of the Infiniti J… er… I mean QX60, you’ll find I keep doing that in the vid as well. I’ve really struggled with the Japanese luxury marque’s rebadging because, whilst I understand and accept a new model getting a new name, I find it much harder to comprehend an existing model changing its identity.

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And I could not help but revisit these thoughts as  I parked this new QX next to a JX to try and spot the difference but couldn’t. It always makes me a bit suspicious and dubious when there’s a name change for no really good reason – well you’d think the same if it was person, wouldn’t you?

Anyway, I’ve been told I’ve got to get past this naming confusion, stop fretting over it, and do my job of assessing the car. Okay then. Well I drove the new Nissan Pathfinder, which this is based on, just over two years ago, and came away more impressed than I thought I would.

Infiniti QX60

Apart from the CVT gearbox (a pet hat of mine anyway) and there not being enough leg-room in the second row for my liking, it was a perfectly good family SUV. Especially as it starts for about AED120k and rises to about AED170k – which is where the Infiniti QX60 takes over.

Now let’s tackle the two criticisms first: the transmission is somehow actually better and more resolved in the Infiniti with less drone and better response – in fact you could almost forget it’s a CVT – so well done on that front Infiniti!

Infiniti QX60

But the middle row situation remains the same. To these issues I’ll add the fact that the headrests on this luxury model for the middle and last row are so awkwardly large as to be obtrusive to the driver’s rear view through the centre mirror. I actually had to pull over and fold down the 3rd row headrests before driving on.

So aside from all of that, it’s worth the extra dosh right? Particularly as there’s more power from the venerable 3.5 V6 than the Pathfinder? Well it’s true it feels a quicker, more eager machine, it’s also a great, relaxed and refined motorway cruiser – with reasonable economy too.

Infiniti QX60

It’s certainly plush and lavish-looking inside with fancy sounding Japanese names, which I try and fail to pronounce correctly in the above video review, to describe its maple wood trim and leather finishing. It’s got all the toys and gadgets including the 360-degrees surround-view, and a cool and perhaps slightly loud three-zone climate control.

But if you’re interested in this car, I’d still point you towards the Pathfinder instead – read why in my verdict below.

Infiniti QX60


At this money I can’t forgive the awkward seating position in the middle row, despite the adjustability. But that alone wouldn’t be enough, especially as its hard-charging tendencies should be rather appealing from behind the wheel.

The trouble is that Infiniti SUV models do have an inherent sportiness about them, best personified by the FX… er I mean the QX70 (read my review here). Whilst that car is older and is frankly now feeling it, it still has an inherent flair and a certain macho quality that sets it apart from any Nissan and ensures that you feel special and fully justified in buying an Infiniti.

Infiniti QX60

The QX70 is a better driver’s car too. It handles with remarkable eagerness and competency for such a big meaty thing and you really do get a kick out of peddling it hard. By contrast the QX60 doesn’t want to know about anything other than devouring distances quickly on a motorway in generally a straight line. It’s not a car that would enjoy brisk direction changes.

Not that any of that necessarily makes the QX60 a bad SUV, it’s just that you can get all the best bits of that car for less money when you opt for the Nissan badge. Or else buy an FX… (dammit) QX70.

Infiniti QX60

Infiniti QX60 – The Specs

Price: AED172,000-203,000 (US$47k-55k)
 3.5-litre V6, 265bhp @ 6400rpm, 248lb ft @ 4400rpm
Performance: 0-100kph 8.5secs, 200kph, 14L/100km
Transmission: CVT, Four-wheel drive
Weight:  2715kg

 Let us know what you think about the Infiniti QX60 below

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