2016 Mercedes GLC 300

Now there is definitely a compact SUV from the three-pointed star you won’t be ashamed of driving

By Shahzad Sheikh

2016 Mercedes GLC 300

What is the 2016 Mercedes GLC 300? Effectively this is the all-new GLK. Except that it’s not really, because of two reasons – firstly, it’s not called GLK, and secondly it’s not ugly anymore. In fact it’s a decidedly handsome and more in keeping with the Mercedes pedigree.

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Straight off, it’s fair to say that this car is not exceptional in any one area, but rather it’s pretty good in just about every area, and more than acceptable everywhere else.

2016 Mercedes GLC 300

There’s more comfort and interior space in here than the C-Class it’s based on. It has a high seating position, and feels like an actual SUV, not just a C on stilts. The practicality continues to the boot space which is ample and flexible, with a particularly useful under-floor area.

2016 Mercedes GLC 300

As mentioned it’s a good-looking thing, particularly in a strong dark metallic, and you certain won’t be shy about getting the valet to bring it around the front. But at the same time it does have its own identity and can’t be confused with a GLE (the new ML).

2016 Mercedes GLC 300

It has an excellent ride quality, even when the terrain gets a little rough – talking of which, this should be a suitable soft-roader, though watch the ground clearance and don’t head into deep sand!

2016 Mercedes GLC 300

It handles too, gamely gripping hard through the corners and keeping a fairly tight line, even if it does lean over a bit. There are sports modes on this car, but frankly I wouldn’t bother, it’s not that kind of car really.

2016 Mercedes GLC 300

Not to say that it’s slow, because the four-pot motor does a more than ample job of briskly hauling this family mover along (0-100 in 6.5 is actually hot hatch territory!), and it has nine-speeds to keep economy levels very palatable indeed.

2016 Mercedes GLC 300


As mentioned in the video above, this is not a car that I’m left desiring or lusting after. However, it totally gets my respect and hat tip for turning what was something of a joke into quite a likeable and very user-friendly everyday car for the family that needs things doing, but likes a bit of posh style.

Definitely one to put on the shopping list.

2016 Mercedes GLC 300 4Matic – The Specs

Price: AED220,200 ($60k)
Engine: 2.0-litre Turbocharged 4-cylinder, 245bhp @ 5500rpm, 273lb ft @ 1300-4000rpm
Transmission: 9-speed automatic, All-wheel drive
Fuel Economy: 10.5L/100km (est)
Performance: 0-100kph 6.5 seconds, Top speed 235kph
Weight: 1870kg

2016 Mercedes GLC 250 4Matic – The Specs

Price: AED181,665 ($50k)
Engine: 2.0-litre Turbocharged 4-cylinder, 211bhp @ 5500rpm, 258lb ft @ 1200-4000rpm
Transmission: 9-speed automatic, All-wheel drive
Fuel Economy: 9.5L/100km (est)
Performance: 0-100kph 7.3 seconds, Top speed 222kph
Weight: 1870kg

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  1. Lee McMullan says:

    Great youtube Video!
    This is such a awesome, practical car for my small family! I want one! Its so well balanced in every way… gas mileage, space, power, looks, etc.

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