2016 Ford Figo video review

Get your Indian takeaway and go frolic in a little Ford

By Shahzad Sheikh

Here’s the 2016 Indian-made Figo, and as you can see it’s adopted the Aston-esque grille of its siblings in the Ford range. At the same time, the kit and quality has improved and the practicality for money is hard to equal.

Click below to watch our 2016 Ford Figo video review

The Ford Figo starts at just AED38,950 ($10.6k) for the base spec 1.2 manual – which could be a whole lot of fun in itself. But if you’re looking for something with a bit of extra punch, you’ll want the 105bhp 1.5-litre car which comes with the 6-speed automatic.

2016 Ford Figo video review

You get the Ambient trim at AED43,950 ($12k) or this top of the range car – the Trend at AED49,500 ($13.5k). It’s pretty well equipped with 14-inch alloys, body colour bumpers, rear fog lamps and inside there’s air-con, ABS and ESP with hill start, front airbags and side impact beams.

2016 Ford Figo video review

It may not be as well equipped as its key rival the new Chevrolet Spark, but it counters with capaciousness – well relatively speaking. Although it has to be said that if at 6ft 2in lanky human like me can quite easily get into, and find tolerable comfort in the rear behind a driver’s seat set for myself, than that’s pretty impressive in a small car like this.

2016 Ford Figo video review

I’d say it’s more a two-seater in the rear for adults, though perhaps you could get three children in there (there is a centre lap belt – with three-point belts for the others). Rear luggage space is pretty good too for such a small thing, and you can fold the rear seat down for more (although it’s not split folding, so don’t take any extra passengers if you can to carry that flat-pack back from Ikea.

2016 Ford Figo video review

Upfront the driver isn’t wanting for too much, there’s power windows, Bluetooth, and a pretty comprehensive instrument panel display with trip computer, fuel range and outside temperature.

2016 Ford Figo video review

More importantly than any of that, the keen little power unit is willing to buzz along merrily and the helm – whilst electric – is responsive enough for you to thoroughly enjoy throwing this little car around hard. The tyres have reasonable grip, and you can ignore their squealing protests as turn-in is pretty sharp and the car manages good poise through fast corners.

2016 Ford Figo video review


To be honest – what’s not to like here? A rather grown-up looking little car, with decent kit and a surprising amount of interior room. It goes and stops well enough to be delightfully entertaining too, and typically of a little car you can go for the gaps and snap up parking spaces around town that most drivers can only look at, sigh and move on from.

For the money, this represents great value, and is definitely one to go check out for first-time drivers or those seeking budget motoring.

2016 Ford Figo – The Specs


1.5 Ambient: AED43,950 ($12k)
1.5 Trend: AED49,500 ($13.5k)
Engine: 1.5-litre 4cyl, 105bhp @ 6000rpm, 102lb ft @ 4500rpm
Transmission: 6-speed automatic, Front-wheel drive
Performance: 0-100kph n/a, Top Speed 156kph, 5.5L/100km
Weight: 1040kg

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