2016 Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ Long Term Test

For the best value family room on wheels – it doesn’t get better than this big lug!

By Shahzad Sheikh

Chevrolet Tahoe long term test

We run a brand new Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ for a few weeks as a long term test to see how we’d get on with it as a family car and daily driver. You can follow all our updates on social media by searching #MMETAHOE & #MMELONGTERMER

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We’re always like the Tahoe here at MME and it’s one of the cars we’ll often recommend to those looking for the biggest best value family holdall out there. So it was time to live with it ourselves a little bit and find our if we were right.

Chevrolet Tahoe long term test

Chevrolet Tahoe – The Specs

2WD LS/LT/LTZ: AED157k ($43k) / AED173k ($47k) / AED223k ($61k)
4WD LS/LT/LTZ: AED168 ($46k) / AED184k ($50k) / AED232k ($63k)
Engine: 5.3-litre V8, 355bhp @ 5600rpm, 382lb ft @ 4100rpm
Transmission: 6-speed automatic, Two-wheel drive & All-wheel drive
Fuel Economy: 12.7L/100km
Performance: 0-100kph 7.8 seconds, Top speed 225kph
2WD: 2479kg
4WD: 2577kg

Video Report

Click below to watch my final report on the Tahoe and my conclusions.

Living with Tahoe

Frankly it not only lived up to my expectations, but it turned out to be better in some ways than I had thought.

First of all the economy was better than I’d expected – on my first long run (about 80km) I managed to get the consumption down to below 10L/100km. Extraordinary on the car of this size and weight.

This obviously went up during normal daily driving and my overall average was about 14L/100km, though if I had started blasting around everywhere – and the temptation was certainly there thanks to the torquey V8 (and by the way, the rear wheels will spin in 2WD – allegedly!) you could easily see that sky-rocket to 18+.

In traffic and standing around with the engine running would also adversely affect the economy. However on a smooth long run, cylinder deactivation kicks in cutting off four-cylinders, and that’s when you see the impressive fuel economy figures.

Chevrolet Tahoe long term test

Secondly – I was always a little anxious about driving this huge tank around, especially around town and into tight shopping mall car parks, particularly as this one had very shiny chrome 22-inch wheels which I didn’t want to mess up (I’d recommend smaller wheels for a slightly better ride on the Tahoe though).

However, from behind the wheel, it’s surprisingly manageable and easy to guide into slots. Partly because of the good all-round visibility, and also as it’s such a squared off design, you can easily mostly see and judge its extremities from the driver’s seat.

Chevrolet Tahoe long term test

The reversing camera and sensors also help a lot, and it even has cross-traffic alert for when you’re backing out. Turning circle is pretty good too. I would recommend that GM start adding 360-degree camera tech to these big SUVs too – just for that little added reassurance.

Thirdly – this thing is a family room on wheels. On New Years Eve, we parked up at Meydan to wait for the fireworks over the Dubai skyline, put the second and third rows down and the four of us had a picnic in the back!

Plus there were tons of power supplies (7 USB ports alone!) for the kids to plug all their devices into, and a great stereo to keep things lively – stacked up with all the latest connectivity.

We even had another family in the car on an airport run using up all eight seats with no issues at all – and still some room left for a bit of luggage. Frankly if you need more seats than this – get a bus!

Chevrolet Tahoe long term test


I’m delighted that running the Tahoe simply confirmed what I’ve been saying all along: that this is one of the most practical, usable and best value full-size SUVs on the market. It’s got enough ability, enough poise and better brakes than any Tahoe I’ve tried before to keep the driver happy, and is a surprisingly reassuring companion around town as a daily driver.

But it’s as a family car that it really wins out. Capacious and comfortable, with lots of kit and features, it keeps everyone happy. My kids were genuinely disappointed when I told them it was going back. We’d definitely have one again!

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