2015 Lexus RC and RC F – tested by you! (Video)

We’re stepping aside for this one and letting you, the reader, review the all-new Lexus RC coupe instead

By Shahzad Sheikh

2015 Lexus RC & RC F – tested by you!

MME group pic masterfully photobombed by driving instructor Tarek Elgammal!

[Lexus RC & RC F explained in video]

The Lexus RC and RC F was launched last week at the Dubai Autodrome by Lexus Al Futtaim, and whilst Team MME put in a few hard laps with both the RC350 F-Sport and the RC F 5.0 V8, when it came to a first drive quick review, we figured we’d sit this one out, and hand over the duties to you lot.

2015 Lexus RC & RC F – tested by you!

All yours – for a few laps!

Following the press day, at the VIP launch for the car, we hosted over 40 friends, supporters, readers and Motoring Middle East competition-winners, who all got to drive both models for themselves on the Autodrome Club Circuit. We managed to corner some of them and recorded their impressions as soon as they finished their laps.

But first the basic info

The RC is an all-new car from the ground up, and is based neither on the IS or the GS, but in fact utilises a platform made up of parts of both models including the IS convertible for added rigidity. It’ll be available in three main versions (RC, RC F-Sport and RC F) with two engine options, the 3.5-litre V6 putting out 315bhp and the 5.0-litre V8 for the RC F putting out 471bhp, good for 0-100 in 4.5seconds and a top speed of 270kph.

2015 Lexus RC & RC F – tested by you!

Lexus RC and RC F are on sale now in the UAE and the region. Here are the UAE prices and key details:

Lexus RC350 starts from AED180,000, and comes packed with kit. It has wood and leather interior trim, and is not only a full four-seater but also boasts 60:40 split-folding rear seats to increase luggage capacity in the already decent boot (RC F doesn’t have folding seats). The paint uses a new five-layer process for its deep lustre.

2015 Lexus RC & RC F – tested by you!

Lexus RC350 F-Sport from AED210,000. F-Sport package gets aluminium interior trim, but more importantly sharper, sports-tuned suspension, as well as a different grille and instrument panel. The key difference is that it gets LDH, which is the four-wheel steering that impressed us and so many of you guy.

2015 Lexus RC & RC F – tested by you!

Lexus RC F from AED310,000. This is the bad boy, with its own unique styling and grille, side-scoops and bulging bonnet, multiple wheels choices, plus its longer, wider and lower. Inside there’s carbon trim, unique instrumentation, and new driving modes including: Standard, Track and Slalom. It also has an innovative torque vectoring system for the rear wheels to deploy power progressively through the corners.

2015 Lexus RC & RC F – tested by you!

What you said about the RC & RC F

We interviewed some of our very special guests – Motoring Middle East friends, supporters, readers and competition winners – straight after they drove the Lexus RC & RC F; watch their reactions in this video.

Here are some of the quotes:

Mohammed Alfalasi (Drift UAE boss and championship-winning racing driver): ‘The RC F got me hooked, and the instruments – amazing man! Beautiful car, I recommend people to try it.’

Bear Garcia (Famed car customiser, formerly of West Coast Customs and previously one of the stars of Pimp My Ride): ‘The new headlights, the way its shaped, the way it looks like it’s going fast, just sitting there.’ When asked how he’d modify it: ‘I’d push it down just a little bit, we can add carbon fibre accents, but the paint is really nice on it already.’

2015 Lexus RC & RC F – tested by you!

Arafaat Khan and Mohammed Alfalasi

Umair Khan (Multiple former UAE Touring Car Champion): ‘I was waiting for a coupe from Lexus! V8 is excellent, very responsive. This is better than the IS-F in terms of handling – daily beater and a weekend racer – excellent!’

Yousef Al-Herais (BMW aficionado, racer and race organiser): ‘RC F brilliant car – lovely engine, lovely torque band, I would never buy it for the track, but I would buy it any day over an M3 or a C63 for the road,’ which was really saying something coming from a die-hard BMW fan. ‘The RC-F is the car to buy for a daily basis as a nice sporty car to drive on the street. Me saying that is really bold!’

2015 Lexus RC & RC F – tested by you!

Mustafa Khan – practicing his evil I’m-driving-first grin

Samer Khadra ‘The Crazy Guy’ (Professional drifter and racing driver): ‘The RC for road use, I think it’s a cool car. The RC F – I like the dashboard, the sound of the engine is much better. It’s amazing, very safe, stability is wow, options are cool, I like the controls in the centre, and it looks spectacular from the outside.’

Mustafa Khan: ‘In terms of performance, definitely the RC F, but in terms of handling I love the play of the RC F-Sport, around the corners it just handles it so well. I like the seats, the interior and the engine.’

Arafaat Khan: ‘Very impressed, it’s got that lovely sound and it’s so planted on the track. I was putting my foot down on the exit of the corners and it just gripped and it flew. The interior is upgraded, the touch pad was amazing, it gives you feedback!’

2015 Lexus RC & RC F – tested by you!

Megha Merani and Kenneth Wardlaw

Adnan Khalil: ‘Unbelieveable, mind-blasting – even the RC350, it’s really quiet, the way it handles, the comfort. But the RC F, that’s just a different level. The downshift was so aggressive! I’d love it when you put it race mode and the whole tech just changes on the dashboard is amazing! Seating position was perfect.’

Robert Mitka: ‘My hands are shaking! The RC F blew my mind – the power, when you open up the throttle and she just hammers around the corner! This is the land of the V8, so its got to be the V8!’

Jennie Sheppard and Jörg Seifert: ‘I’m overwhelmed, first time on track like this, I just let it go and the car just did whatever I wanted it to do, unbelievable,’ he said. ‘Maybe I’ll get one for my birthday!’ she said. Sold!

2015 Lexus RC & RC F – tested by you!

Jörg Seifert and Jennie Sheppard

Himasha Widyaratne: ‘Lots of power; amazing! Seats were perfect, holding me right through the corners.’

Tom Tacker: ‘Wonderful! RC F is a beast, it’s fun!’

Rehan Samee: ‘I loved the RC F-Sport, I loved the four-wheel steering, the car feels so much more planted. The RC F is phenomenal – I felt there was a little lag, it just thinks for a moment then unleashes the power!’

Ryan Copeland: ‘I’m quite impressed with it actually. RC F is a heavy car, but very well sorted, manages the weight really well in the corners. RC F is a very definitely step up, but they both have great motors. For the enthusiasts who wants that little extra on tap,  it could do the job!’

2015 Lexus RC & RC F – tested by you!

Pradish Thomas & Francis Donohoe

AJ Ismail: ‘This could be an everyday supercar, with all the reliability of a Lexus; you’ll be really surprised by this, this is something very special.’

Kwihyun Kim: ‘It’s brilliant, the V8 NA has power on every step, the engine sound… If you’re not going on the track, the 350 itself a beautiful engine, and good pricewise.’

Majed Al Nasser: ‘It is amazing! The closest thing to driving the RC F is, I believe, a Ferrari, I mean compared to the handling, in Sports Plus! The six-cylinder was very quiet, so comfortable, I felt I could sleep in it.’

2015 Lexus RC & RC F – tested by you!

Group discussion with (from left) Mohammed Humaid, Shahzad Sheikh, Walter Perryman, Afnan Haider, Mali, Parha Srinivasan & Mark Chuck Montecillo

Kenneth Wardlaw: ‘It’s really good, the V8 especially, has a real punch! Favourite feature was the engine – it has to be!’

Jason Saundalkar: ‘It’s a lot of fun. Prefer the V8, nice noise. I like the touch pad inside, it’s intuitive.’

Vinay Mehta: ‘I was impressed, Lexus and track days don’t really go together, but I guess they will now. I expect to see Lexus coming out with performance exhausts for this!’

Shahzad: 'I drove the RC F, but I didn't write the review!

Shahzad: ‘I drove the RC F, but I didn’t write the review!

If we missed you out – why not add your verdict in the comments section below.

[Lexus RC & RC F explained in video]

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  1. Partha says:

    Such a thrilling experience pushing the car to the limits that my body and brain could sanely allow and yet so fulfilling.. the comfort real coddles you, while the engine eggs you to push the boundaries of your safety…. all while being extremely safe… this is just the RC 350.. the RC F is a WHOLE is WHOLE different ball game.. V8 real scared me… I am just happy I did not need a change of clothes…. BRILLIANT machines.. will be worth the money you invest in the machines!

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