2015 GMC Sierra All Terrain 4×4 Video Review

A truck that might just replace your SUV
Imthishan Giado

2015 GMC Sierra

The Middle East must be the only place on Earth where you’d buy a truck like this to go to Dubai Mall. And that feels perfectly acceptable.

In Europe they’d scream and shout, and people would leave rude messages about how you’re punching a hole in the Ozone layer just by the very existence of this behemoth. But in Dubai, these vehicles are lifestyle purchases. I’ll bet hardly any one is taking an AED195,000 pickup out to their farms, or getting it even dirty. We’ve driven the Sierra before in the UAE, but this is the  All-Terrain version – that’s 4×4, or Z71 in Chevrolet speak. Can this 4×4 Double Cab cut the mustard?

Click below to watch my video review! 

Can you actually park it?

Obviously it’s not the most nimble car ever made but it’s actually not that difficult to operate. The steering is not fingertip light but gives you useful feedback, the mirrors are large and well placed and there’s a handy backup camera to go with the parking sensors; apart from parallel parking, the big Sierra is a doddle to drive around town and people certainly stay out of your way!

Surely it’s ponderous and slow?

Not with a 355bhp 5.3-litre V8 it isn’t. 383lb ft of torque is enough to get the Sierra moving quite smartly and at 2415kg it actually weighs less than a smaller Land Cruiser V8 (2490kg). About the only drawback is the six-speed auto, which can be a little mushy on full-bore shifts and slow to respond to shift requests. Next year, the eight-speed auto’s going to be standard across the board. 

But it must feel like a Turkish prison inside.

If this is what Ankara’s worst is like, sign me up for a six-month stay. Leather seats make comfortable thrones, visibility is excellent, the switchgear is easy to grasp, the touchscreen is fine if not the fastest. Most importantly, somebody at GM really understands what we want in our cars – there’s five USB ports and a power socket for your laptop, as well as a huge central cubby that will swallow just about any computer. Tons and tons of space.

OK, it’s got to be thirsty. 

10.69L/100km. And to be honest, it was bettering that easily on the highway – the cylinder deactivation is super aggressive.

There’s got be some drawbacks.

Apart from the slightly old-feeling auto, not really. OK, it’s a pickup truck and unless you harbor cowboy fantasies like me, that may not be to all tastes. And while this may be the ‘All-Terrain version’ the suspension doesn’t really feel stiff enough for heavy dune usage, nor would I recommend a vehicle with this approach/departure angles for our deserts! Tracks and light dunes are no problem. Besides, you can get the All Terrain pack on cheaper SLE trucks if you really want it.

None of which detract from the fact this is a genuinely good vehicle, simple, honest and fun to drive in a way that no crossover ever could be. How would I have it? Extra cab, short bed, 4×4 but no All Terrain for a working car, full fat 6.2-litre Denali if I was feeling rich. I’m also thinking about ten gallon hats and heel spurs….well, you’d have to dress the part, wouldn’t you?

2014 GMC Sierra 5.3 V8 Double Cab
Price: AED195,000 ($53,090) (as tested)
Engine: 5.3-litre V8, 355bhp @ 5600rpm, 383lb ft @ 4100pm
Performance: 0-100kph 8.2s (Est), top speed n/a
Transmission: Six-speed auto, selectable four-wheel drive,
Weight: 2415kg



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