Nissan slashes the price of 370Z by 30%

AED139,000 for rear-wheel drive manual sports car with 328bhp 3.7-litre V6

By Shahzad Sheikh

Nissan 370Z

In what is an obvious response to the staggering success of Toyota’s brilliant and affordable sports car, the new 86 (prices ranging from AED95k-125k) Nissan has dramatically reduced the price of its own sports car, the 370Z by nearly a third.

Introduced in 2009 it was priced at well over AED200k and reduced to AED199k ($54K) shortly afterwards (I remember at the time telling Nissan ME people that they should put price reductions into press releases, looks like they’ve finally heeded my advice).

Nissan 370Z

AED199k still seemed too much for the two-seater however, so bringing it down to AED139,000 ($37,875) suddenly makes the 370Z an attractive proposition for enthusiasts put off by the previous high price and is an attempt to capitalize on the growth in the sports car segment, which has seen an increase of 20% in 2012 in the Gulf Region.

It’s available as a 7-speed automatic, that’s how most of them will be sold sadly, and how I’ve tested it in the past, however the base model six-speed close-ratio manual is far more interesting as it comes with SynchroRev Match, this unique technology essentially blips the throttle during gearchanges so that torque on tap is uninterrupted. (I’ve never tried that but would love to test it.)

For 2013 there’s two new colours, Magma Red and Midnight Blue, and new 19-inch alloy wheels.

Nissan 370Z

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