Mustang Power For Dubai Ambulance Fleet

Dubai Ambulance gets fast and furious with Ford Mustang First Responder Unit
Imthishan Giado

Ford Mustang Ambulance

Not content to have the Dubai Police have all the glory with their fantastic supercar fleet, Dubai Ambulance Service has now joined in as well. Only they’ve gone for more practical choices – a pair of Ford Mustangs to work as First Responders.

Ford Mustang Ambulance

His Excellency Khalifa Hassan Al Drai, CEO of Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (pictured, centre) tweeted pictures from the launch of the two vehicles earlier today. The vehicles appear to be stock Mustang GTs with the usual array of emergency LED lights added. First Responders are the first vehicles to appear on a scene and administer immediate medical attention, faster than the regular ambulance service. Obviously they can’t carry a stretcher, but the speed of these 420bhp V8  vehicles could well mean the difference between life and death.

If you see them in you rear view mirror, make sure to give way!

Source: Twitter

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