Thanks for the thanks

Recognition and appreciation is the fuel we run on. Means more to us than you know

By Shahzad Sheikh

Motoring Middle East recognition

Motoring journalists. A lot of people think we have the best job in the world.

I’ll grant you, there are days when we drive a sensational car on an epic road or track; meet amazing and inspiring people; and get to travel this spectacular world on extraordinary press junkets.

But the vast majority of the time we are relentlessly slogging away, conceptualising, creating and churning out content which we desperately hope that at least someone, somewhere will deign fit to consume, amidst a saturation of media noise vying for everyone’s attention now.

So whenever even a single person utters a mere morsel of acknowledgement, we writers grab hold of it and use it to bolster our fragile egos, embracing it as a certified vindication of our energies not having been divested in vain.

Fortunately our outlet, Motoring Middle East, has wonderful patrons that aren’t shy to grant us a virtual slap on the back or two. For that we are extremely grateful.

But imagine our delight amplified even further when an organisation affords us respect and recognition and even validates it with a formal award. It’s like a bolt of electricity surging through and recharging our flagging spirits, erasing fatigue, and renewing impetus.

Thank you to Mohammad Alfalasi and all the team at Drift UAE for their continued support and yet another trophy of appreciation. It means more to us than you can know.

And thanks to each and everyone that reads and follows us.

Check out our gallery of images from yesterday’s Top Performance Magazine 10th anniversary event – Performance Fest – at the Dubai Autodrome. 

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