High Speed Hot Weather Testing With The Cadillac ATS-V

We Tell You What Hot Weather Testing Really Means In the GCC


Cadillac ATS-V Hot Weather Testing

‘GCC Spec’. ‘Built for the UAE.’ ‘Tested in local conditions’.

You’ve been reading these terms for years. Admit it – you’re sceptical, aren’t you? It’s all a con, isn’t it? You’ve seen the cars testing in the fiery depths of Death Valley. In the snowy wastes of Arjeplog. What could manufacturers possibly gain from testing a car in the UAE that they could not replicate in a lab or in another country?

What began for us as another ordinary day testing and shooting cars on Jebel Hafeet became something else together: a chance to find out what those cloaked test cars really do – when we caught a Cadillac ATS-V high speed hot-weather testing!

But don’t take our word for it – click below to find out what happened…

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