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Check out our first seven episodes of our flat-out conversations – with guests!

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In Full Chat 7 we interview legendary British Automotive Journalist James Ruppert, who coined the term ‘Bangernomics’ and wrote the book. He’s written extensively for Autocar and Car, as well as many other publications, and has published several books including books on Wheeler Dealers and the Car Industry.

He is also the creator, writer and illustrator of the Spencer Haze comic book series about police detective transporter from the 70s to present day – and it features lots of cars!

Find James Ruppert at
Bangernomics YouTube

Meet Car Girl, Salpy of Via Saline – she’s a automotive PR specialist with Abu Dhabi Motors for Rolls-Royce and an Automotive Blogger – check out Via Saline. We ask what it’s like for a women in a car guy’s world? Plus Saudi women driving – good or bad?

We talk to Thomas Edelmann of RoadSafetyUAE.com about the state of road safety in the region, the causes of accidents, how we can be safer drivers and ask if brown people really are crap drivers.

We talk to Autodata boss, Ian Batey, about the state of the new and used car market in the UAE and wider GCC. We reveal the insider secrets of used car buying here as well as the reality behind the market trends. If you’re buying a car, selling a car or in the car trade, you absolutely have to watch this carefully!

We take Full Chat on the road and find ourselves at the best classic car showroom in Dubai – Tomini Classics with Assyl Yacine. We look at what you think is a classic and argue about it. Plus could you, or should you, own and run a classic in the UAE?

What makes you a Petrolhead? We read out your definitions and add a few of our own. Plus, your questions answered in MME Full Chat #2

Celebrating six years of Motoring Middle East, we start a new series – MME Full Chat! In the first episode we answer all your questions.



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