FCA at SEMA 2016

Exclusive video report from our man Noel Ebdon from the FCA stand at SEMA this year

By Noel Ebdon

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Dodge Shakedown Challenger

Old cars are cool, right? Yes and well, no actually. Yes, they look cool, but unfortunately they have old brakes, old gearboxes and engines, and perhaps most worryingly, old electrics. But help is now at hand. If authenticity isn’t important to you and your muscle car rebuild, Mopar can now send you a big wooden box containing a modern ‘plug and play’ crate motor.

Dodge Challenger Shakedown concept


The idea is that this engine can be dropped into anything with enough room, so to put its money where its mouth is, Mopar decided to prove the theory. The result was the frankly stunning Dodge Shakedown Challenger.

Built around a classic 1971 Dodge Challenger shell, the Shakedown now boasts a 485bhp SRT HEMI V8 motor bolted to a Viper Tremec T6060 six-speed transmission. Yes, that’s right, a Viper manual gearbox.

Dodge Challenger Shakedown concept

It also has a Mopar concept cold-air intake and Mopar custom dual exhaust, lowered custom front and rear suspension, and Brembo-red SRT Hellcat six-piston front brakes and four-piston rear brakes. The car rolls on concept SRT Hellcat Slingshot-designed 19-inch by 9 1/2-inch front and 20-inch by 9 1/2-inch rear wheels

The classic Challenger body has been shaved, deleting the door handles, drip rails and fuel door, which is relocated to the trunk, and then painted satin black. It also has 2017 Dodge Challenger head lamps and tail lamps. The modern Challenger grille and surround also get the Satin Black treatment, set off by gloss-black grille bezels. That theme continues with a Satin Black concept rear spoiler and chin spoiler. It also has an old-skool Shaker hood scoop, which really sets off its mean looks.

Dodge Challenger Shakedown concept

But perhaps the most amazing part of the build is that Mopar changed the Challenger from a monocoque to a car with a unique hand-built, one-off frame with a removable body.

Inside, it has a half-roll cage, Dodge Viper front seats, trimmed in black Katzkin leather with black Alcantara inserts and red stitching, with the same theme running through onto the steering wheel. In the back someone’s stolen the seats, just to add to that race feel.

Dodge Challenger Shakedown concept

The result of all this work certainly proves Mopar’s theory. But for car fans, we kind of knew that would be the case. More importantly, Mopar have created one of the best looking muscle cars we’ve ever seen. It’s beautiful and looks even better in the flesh than in the pictures.

Unfortunately, there’s only one of them and it’s not for sale. We know, because we tried to buy it…

Ram Power Wagon

Ram Macho Power Wagon

The Dodge Power Wagon holds a special place in the hearts of the people of the Gulf. It was one of the first vehicles to arrive in the region, helping early oil pioneers to get out into the desert and tap into the desert’s vast riches. So Middle East pick-up truck lovers will be beside themselves with this one-off concept, built by Mopar for the SEMA motorshow.

The excellently named Ram Macho Power Wagon features a bed fitted with a very clever, sliding RamRack, which securely stores a variety of lifestyle toys. When not required, the rack is designed to neatly slide up and stow under the cab’s sail panel. It also works in conjunction with a RamRack roof system that locks down items with six unique tie downs.

Ram Power Wagon

The truck itself has a four-inch custom lift kit and giant 37-inch x 12 1/2-inch Nitto Trail Grappler MT tires, set on concept 18-inch beadlock wheels. The crazy ‘Macho Mango’ body color will certainly get you seen on the roads of the Gulf, whilst the concept, satin black hood and a new front bumper are fully off-road capable with a winch, winch guard and tow hooks.

There’s also one-piece Mopar concept off-road running boards, larger concept fender flares, low-gloss black door handles and a 21-inch heavy-duty light bar and LED clearance lights on the roof.

Ram Power Wagon

Inside, the Macho Mango colour has spread to the steering wheel Ram logo and the trim on the gauges, HVAC, infotainment center and side door panels. You also get wireless charging, a pedal kit, and front and rear all-weather mats.

Oh, and did we forget to mention? It also has a 6.4-liter HEMI engine under the hood, with a Mopar cold-air intake and concept, dual-wall five-inch Mopar exhaust tips for a deeper rumble.

Ram Power Wagon

But perhaps the best bit of news is that Mopar will use this vehicle, along with the other concepts, to test the response for possible new products. So they’ll be taking customer feedback from the concepts and using that to decide on future releases. So basically if enough of us like the RamRack, they’ll add it to the Mopar catalogue.

Now, where’s the feedback form… ?

Jeep CJ 66 Concept

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