Conversations on the Move – Season 1

Welcome to a brand new Motoring Middle East series – Interviews on the go

By Shahzad Sheikh & Imthishan Giado


We kick off a new series of three Conversations on the Move!

Omar Al Busaidy

Conversations on the Move with Omar Al Busaidy

In episode 2 we meet the amazing Omar Al Busaidy who, at the age of just 29, already has a list of achievements too long to list here! He is a Global Shaper at World Economic Forum, Author of ‘Just Read It’, Tourism Investment Promotion Manager at Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, public speaker, serial entrepreneur and all-round hilarious good guy!

Find out why he wanted to touch my nose, what he’s wearing, all about his book and hear him sing!

Dr James Piecowye

Conversations on the Move with James Piecowye

Watch Episode 1 in which we turn the tables on the host of Nightline on Dubai Eye 103.8FM, James Piecowye. Every Monday night we’re on the ‘CarTalk’ section of his show, but on this occasion he is OUR guest.

Find out why he’s like B A Baracus, whether he is really a ‘Dr’ and the truth about those crazy shirts. Plus, what did he make of the Audi A8?

Stand by for Episode 2 coming soon!

With huge thanks to Audi Middle East for helping making these happen.

Let us know what you thought of the interviews in the comments below

2 responses to “Conversations on the Move – Season 1”

  1. Tejal says:

    While I am an avid fan of Motoring Middle East, I have recently had to sit down and ponder at what point in time did you guys go completely off track?

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but from a professional motoring website, the two of you are coming off as bigger and bigger fools with every video that you’ll seem to be making.

    If anybody (apart from the two of you) has actually managed to sit through this entire video, I have nothing to offer them, but the highest of compliments.

  2. Sam Smith says:

    Completely agree with Tejal!

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