Fastest Empty Quarter Crossing In a Range Rover Sport

Doing the vastness of the desert…style
By Imthishan Giado

Empty Quarter RRS
Update: now with video of the full documentary.
The 527-mile crossing was completed in 10 hours 22 minutes, a new world record. 

Never one to shy away from the difficult (or outrageous) the boys at Land Rover are attempting to break into the record books with the fastest recorded crossing of the Empty Quarter, a vast chunk of desert straddling the UAE and Saudi Arabia that redefines the word ‘inhospitable’.

The Empty Quarter (or Rub’ Al Khali as it is known in Arabic) covers nearly 650,000 square km, but the Land Rover boys won’t be driving all of that – they’ll cover a route from Wadi Adda Wasir to the UAE border, a distance of approximately 1000km in a bone-stock Range Rover Sport. a vehicle we know has excellent capability offroad. The car will be driven by veteran Spanish racer Moi Torrallardona, no stranger to harsh environments as he’s already competed in the Dakar Rally ten times.

Empty Quarter RRS

They’ll be in good hands – second from the right in the photo you’ll see our good friend Peter Gladstone of the Jeep Offroad Academy who knows every inch of the sand here like the back of his (well-worn) hand. We wish the team the best of luck.

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