Exclusive: Yes Virginia, Al Futtaim Is Selling A Manual FJ Cruiser Now

But you can’t have one, because they’re all sold out!
By Imthishan Giado

Hardcore offroaders (you know who you are) can rejoice – we’ve just received official confirmation from official UAE Toyota distributor Al Futtaim Motors that they are now selling a six-speed manual version of the FJ Cruiser. Click through for the price and all the details.

Regular five-speed automatic FJs retail for the mid AED140k mark, but this manual car is considerably cheaper at AED126,000. That’s because you lose a bit of kit: no leather steering or shift knob, manual mirror adjustment and no parking sensors as standard. Not a bad tradeoff at all, considering you still get the excellent 270bhp 4-litre V6, an eight-speaker stereo, front and side airbags, traction control and all your offroad doodads such as standard rear difflock, which is apparently super-useful in the sand. I’ve no idea, my general strategy is not to get stuck in the first place.

It’s still a fairly basic car, but the committed will already have their laundry list of mods – lift kits, f**k-off big tyres, shiny suspension – on the way. And of course, AFM will happily fit all the sensors and cameras you’ll ever want – for a price, of course.

Want one? Well, guess what – you can’t have it! Yes, as usual the first shipment is all sold out. Don’t lose hope though, another lot is on the way soon enough. If you buy one, let us know!

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  1. ali fatemi says:

    hi. as important as having manual fj is to also have TRD accessories! is there any place in UAE that I can find TRD? I have a grey-blue manual fj that am in love! thanks for your nice reports and reviews. Regards

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