Is this the 2016 Mercedes SLC in final form?

Alleged brochure shots of baby SLS that will rival Porsche and arrives in 2015!

By Shahzad Sheikh

Mercedes SLC by AutoBild

[UPDATE 6th August 2013]

Looks like we’ve been had!

These pictures appear to be from AutoBild magazine. Here is the link to their article and the original source of the images: The images on this page have been updated accordingly. 

Still, according to what the source said, these images were being used by a Mercedes salesman to secure an early order on the car, so AutoBild must have it pretty close.


We’ve anonymously been sent these screen grab images of what are purported to be brochure images of the forthcoming new Mercedes SLC in pretty much final production form. Most sources suggest the SLC isn’t due to go on sale until the middle of 2015, but if these pictures are real, it would suggest the car is slated for an earlier reveal. We might even see it at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month.

What do we know about the car that’s often referred to as the ‘baby SLS’? Only that it exists is being developed under the codename C190 and is confirmed for production. It will be bigger than the SLK and will feature styling inspired by the SLS including a long bonnet and cab-back profile, as appears to be the case in these images.

There are contradictory reports as to whether it will have gullwing doors or not. It’s not clear from these pictures either, although the shutlines do appear to flow up into the upper part of the door frame. However we have been told that it will have regular doors.

Mercedes SLC by AutoBild

According to a report in the UK’s AutoExpress magazine the car will be powered by a new 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 that will be used for a number of new AMG models. Power could range from 480bhp to 550bhp or even 585bhp for a Black Series variant.

Performance should be blistering, but you can expect it to be on par with the Porsche 911, which this Mercedes is blatantly gunning for. According to the AutoExpress report pricing would reflect this quoting GBP90,000 ($136k) as a starting price. However the 911 Carrera starts at around $93k in our region with the Carrera S at $110k – so we’d expect a starting price for the SLC of around $120,000.

If this is the final car, we think it’s looks gorgeous in an Aston Martin kind of way (well there is a tie-up on the horizon between those two brands) whilst staying true to the themes set by the awesome SLS.

What do you think? Would you buy this over a Porsche 911? Tell us below in the comments section.

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5 responses to “Is this the 2016 Mercedes SLC in final form?”

  1. Lalu says:

    Make it with a stick shift please! Show a little respect for folks who love to drive!

    • admin says:

      [Imthishan] Actually it’s probably best they don’t make it with a stick. When’s the last time Stuttgart made a decent manual?

  2. Pierre in the Air says:

    If they say they are trying to match the 911 Turbo’s and Turbo S’s number then at the 90GBP no options is a damn bargain.

    And don’t forget folks, cars cost less in the states so it would be marginally cheaper in the US of EH!

  3. rjl says:

    As an owner of a ’12 911 Turbo S i would definitely consider one if the price and performance is right. Car looks gourgeous…but would want a roadster version.

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