MME Meet 12 preview

Preview: Meet 12 – Sept 14, Dubai Festival City

It’s our Dirty Dozen Meet marking the first anniversary of MME – and it’s already our biggest yet

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Aston Martin Shoes (with Video)

Aston-designed driver’s shoes By Shahzad Sheikh   Aston Martin and Winner Sport have teamed up to create ‘the ultimate lightweight driver’s ...

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2012 Aston V12 Zagato Unveiled (with video)

Keira Knightley, Your Ride is Here

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Renault Sherpa now available to buy in civilian guise (Video)

You can now buy this Butch Army 4×4 and go anywhere By Shahzad Sheikh I was first introduced the Sherpa about two years ago (see my video ...

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Is the Ford Focus ST hard enough for the Sweeney?

Tough cops drive hot hatches… erm… really? By Shahzad Sheikh Ever heard of The Sweeney? It was a hit 1970s British TV show about ...

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