Can you do a Clarkson?

It’s your turn to do a car review!

Review your own car on

Do a written review or a video review of your car and send it to us to post right here on!

Email your written review with a couple of pictures of your car to Or email the link to the same address if you’ve done a video review and uploaded it!

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when doing your review:

  • Say who you are
  • The complete name and year of the car including make, model, trim, engine, auto or manual etc…
  • Did you buy the car new or used and from where
  • How much did you pay for it, and do you think you got a good deal
  • What’s it like to drive – best things, worst things
  • What’s it like to live with – things you like, things that annoy you
  • How reliable has it been
  • What’s the dealer been like, both in selling you the car and aftersales
  • Would you buy another like it, from the same manufacturer and/or the same dealer
  • And finally, of course, your overall verdict on the car and the ownership experience!

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