2015 Ford Mustang Pricing for UAE Revealed

2015 Ford Mustang Pricing for UAE Revealed
Imthishan Giado

2015 Mustang Pricing

UPDATE: We’ve now received official pricing from Al Tayer. Please see below

The Ford Mustang (read all about it here) is easily one of the year’s most eagerly anticipated cars. All-new from top to bottom, it’s the modern pony car the world’s been waiting for.

What nobody knows is how much it will cost in the UAE. So we went to local dealer Al Tayer Motors and asked. Because that was the most sensible thing to do!

V6 models will start from AED130,000 for the manual fastback coupe with 17″ alloys and cloth seats. Want an auto V6? AED135,000, while the convertible with the leather and automatic-only costs AED155,000. All of the above will come with the SYNC system and a display.

You’re looking at AED175,000 for the 2.3-litre 310bhp Ecoboost four-cylinder in manual form; it comes with sat nav, 19″ alloys and the ’50 years package’. Autos are 10k more dear at AED185,000 and add adaptive cruise control. A automatic convertible will be available later, though the prices have not yet been revealed. All EcoBoost models are ‘Premium’ package only.

Want the real-deal 5.0-litre 435bhp V8? Better loosen those purse strings: prices begin at AED190,000 in shift-it-yourself coupe form with 19s, SYNC and sat NAV, rising to AED195,000 for the slushbox, both also in ‘Premium’ trim. A V8 auto convertible is to follow, though again we have not been told how much it will cost.

All Mustangs will come with a 3-year/60,000km service package.

Looking for a cheaper fast Ford? The old 2014 5.0-litre V8 coupe  is still available at a starting price of AED150k, currently discounted to 142k with one year of insurance free. Four cylinder fun, you want a Focus ST: normally AED99,000 but currently 95k with 5 years of service contract and one year of free insurance. These offers are valid while stocks last, so they might not be around next week!

Deliveries of the new Mustang at the local dealer officially begin in March next year.


6 responses to “2015 Ford Mustang Pricing for UAE Revealed”

  1. Ahmed Al Ameri says:

    The Eco-boost is kinda overpriced if you ask me, Compare it to similar cars, The Hyundai Genesis 105,000-110,000. GT86/BRZ 95,000-120,000. Even the 370Z is cheaper 130,000-150,000

  2. Baris says:

    So the price difference between the 5.0lt V8 and 2.3Lt Eco-boost is AED 10,000 which does not make any sense to me at all! Eco-boost is was expensive than it should be.

  3. Rehman says:

    Does the auto V8 ‘start’ at AED 195,000 or that is the full price?

    Please confirm if possible.

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