2013 Volkswagen Golf

It’s the new Golf, yes really it is

By Shahzad Sheikh

2013 Volkswagen Golf

This is the new seventh generation Golf.

What? You scrolled down? You were expecting more? What’s more to say? The Golf’s been around for 36 years and they’ve sold 29 million of them. This is the seventh incarnation and… well it looks the same as the last few doesn’t it?

Okay it’s lighter – about a 100kg lighter infact – but stronger inspite of it, and safer. It may look the same as the outgoing car, but it’s a actually new platform that’s shared with the new Audi A3 and will also be used on Skodas and Seats.

It’s longer too – 56mm in length with a 59mm longer wheelbase for improved rear legroom and 13mm wider. It’s also 28mm lower which improves aero, which improves economy and efficiency etc.

Inside there’s obviously more passenger and luggage space, a new dashboard angled more towards the driver, with touch screens as standard.

There’s obviously more kits and gadgetry, plus the clever double-clutch transmission and featuring standard start/stop and battery regeneration plus cylinder deactivation for 1.4. No 1.6 is mentioned, instead there’s an 85bhp 1.2.

Performance variants (the GTI and R32) will be announced later, whilst this car will be debuted at the Paris Motor Show later this month.

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  1. Ironman says:

    Correction: GTI & R20 not R32

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