2012 Renault Duster Launch

Great News Everyone!
By Imthishan Giado

2012 Renault Duster

The Dacia – sorry, Renault – Duster is here. And it’s really, really cheap for a pretend 4×4. But is it actually a 4×4?

The short answer is..no. Renault is launching the Romanian-built Duster here in three trims, all sporting only 4×2 (which is front wheel drive only, in case you’re wondering).

2012 Renault Duster

Cheapest trim on offer is the PE version at AED48,600, which comes with – well, very little. You get cloth seats, drivers side airbags, front-only electric windows, standard bluetooth, 16-inch steel wheels…and that’s it. Upgrade to the AED56,500 SE and the goodies finally arrive – front and side airbags, ABS, electric mirrors, tilt steering wheel, leather trim, roof bars, 17″ alloy wheels, full power windows. Want leather and side airbags? You’ll be wanting the SE+ trim, which clocks at AED62,000.

All Dusters get a 2.0-litre engine with 135bhp and 144lb ft of torque, matched up to a basic four-speed automatic transmission. They’re all front wheel drive only, but if you really want a 4×4 Duster, you can special-order a manual-transmission 4×4 model for AED 64,500, which is only available in SE trim, without leather or side airbags.

2012 Renault Duster

Full review coming shortly; first impressions? This is easily the most basic car I’ve ever driven, and that list includes Beetles from the 1950s. How basic? How does a single turn indicator sound?

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