10 cool cars you can buy in Dubai right now for under AED50k

Amazing what a little late-night fantasy shopping will turn up, isn’t it?

By Shahzad Sheikh


Who says there are no cool cars out there to buy? Just a few minutes surfing online on Dubizzle.com and I found 10 cool cars that you could buy right now and all for well under AED50,000!

Think I’m wrong or found something better? Add it in the Comments below. (BTW – we have not inspected or validated any of these cars so as ever, caveat emptor applies!)


Check out this 1984 Mazda RX7 racecar for AED36,000

You can go race in the NGK series at the Dubai Autodrome in this, or just keep it for track days. SCCA racecar built by Roger Manderville in the USA. Fully prepped and ready-to-race. Plus it looks soooo cool!


1988 Renault Alpine GTA V6 Turbo for AED48,000

Plastic fantastic French legend! Manual and 88,000km, this was a rear-engined, rear-wheel drive junior supercar that stood out from the crowd – and still does. This looks like a nice example. These are surely going to appreciate.


Rock your sideburns and get out your hairy chest. Are flared and lapelled enough for this Elvis Presley of a machine? Big and bad, rude and lewd, this is sexy muscle at its finest.


1977 Volkswagen Type 181 for AED30,000

This is so adorable and looks like so much fun to belt around in! Manual with a tiny engine, you’d really have to work it hard, but you’d laugh all the way to beach. Full restored apparently.


1990 Porsche 928 for AED45,000

It first came out in 1977, ran for nearly 20 years and still today looks utterly contemporary and as if it’s a shuttle craft dropping off its passenger from the Mothership in orbit above. This one is said to be in good condition apart from some interior issues. Hard work, but very cool!


1982 C3 Corvette for AED35,000

C3 Corvettes not uncommon here – but look at this blue belter. It’s exquisitely presented. Well looked after, it even comes with evidence of service and maintenance from well-known Max Garage in Al Quoz. Ad says ‘near offer, cash only’. Turn up with a bag of reddies and take a chance we say!


1986 Jaguar XJ-SC for AED25,000

They can be a whole heap of trouble, but mark my words, these are about to go up in value. Personally I like the ‘flying buttresses’ but this red convertible (with hard top and said to be rare) is a splendid thing to be seen dashing about town in whilst saving the damsels in distress – feeling Saintly?


1979 Lincoln Continental for AED45,000

Hey Daddiyo – ya dig? Just ooze down the road in this creamy creation being too cool for skool. Not much detail given so you could maybe bargain down the seller (get it checked first), but there’s a so much classic style for the money here.


1990 Nissan 300ZX for AED17,000

Almost bought one of these once. Loved the Japanese muscle-car style, and these still look amazing. It’s cheap, but you have to go a bit (to Ajman apparently) and its not entirely original either – according to the advert it has a Lexus LS400 motor in it, but that’s a hell of a V8 if it’s true. Should be a riot!


1989 BMW E30 325i for AED28,000

This looks positively tame and sensible in this company, but I owned one of these back in the day, it’s an absolutely hoot with that silky smooth straight six such a joy to punch about with. This one’s a manual and very nicely presented, so could be a bit of a bargain.

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