World’s biggest Bentley workshop in Dubai

Chalk up another extreme for the Emirate

By Shahzad Sheikh

World's biggest Bentley Workshop in Dubai, UAE

We love having the biggest, tallest, most expensivest things in Dubai. Well now we’ve got another. The biggest Bentley workshop in the World!

Okay, the tourists won’t exactly be lining up to go check this one out, although Al Habtoor Motors Prestige Division might want to consider doing tours over its 3million sq ft site in Dubai Industrial City, of which 189,000 sq ft is dedicated to Bentley.

All Bentley PDI (pre-delivery inspections) servicing, maintenance and repair work is carried out here. There are 190 vehicle bays with 250 customer and visitor parking spaces and they can work on 40 vehicles simultaneously.

There’s even a 12-car showroom (which is more than can fit into their boutique dealer in Jumeirah!) where they’ll also put pre-owned vehicles on display and sale.

Heritage Workshop

But here’s the really cool bit – the facility is also equipped to restore classic models with body repair and restoration services available in the heritage area.

Chris Buxton, Bentley Middle East Regional Director, said: “The Middle East is an important region for Bentley Motors and we are set to have our best year in the United Arab Emirates for sales. There is tremendous future growth potential here and the investment in this impressive and unique facility, which makes it the world’s biggest Bentley workshop, is testament to the continued high levels of customer service that Al Habtoor Motors Prestige Division and Bentley Motors Middle East strive for.”

George Duncan, Director, Al Habtoor Motors Prestige Divison, commented: “This is a landmark day for everyone at Al Habtoor Motors Prestige Division and Bentley. The opening of the new workshop underlines our servicing promise to our customers. We aim to ensure that every one of our customers has full satisfaction in our delivery of service. The training facility will also assist technical apprentices from around the globe, as Dubai is a convenient hub to travel to rather than sending staff all the way to Crewe in the UK for training.”

2 responses to “World’s biggest Bentley workshop in Dubai”

  1. David says:

    Its interesting that you say that you love the biggest, most expensive etc. but no mention of quality of service. Try having your Bentley serviced at the Al Habtoor Prestige Division and you may wish that you’d gone to one of the smaller specialist garages located more conveniently in the Al Quoz industrial area. Al Habtoor Prestige may have 190 vehicle bays yet openly state that they only have two courtesy cars… so that’s why you won’t be offered one. They will also not offer to collect your car or deliver it but prefer you to drive it to the remote desert location several miles from Jebel Ali. Will you get a courtesy call to explain why even after having your car for 6 weeks they may need to keep it a while longer… no! You will however get an email asking you to confirm that you are comfortable going ahead with some extra work required over the service at a substantial proportion of the initial cost of your car. Try calling the service centre and more often than not a nice computer generated voice will offer to connect you..uhm maybe they’ve all gone to lunch… at 10am.
    Maybe its a European thing but we prefer quality over size.

  2. Vroom says:

    Hello to you
    -Courtesy cars is given to selective cases. This is middle east and not europe or usa the reason they cannot give mobility guarante.
    – 10am is a busy office hours ( even in our office its difficult to attend calls but we get into it) try email or booking for appointment.
    -The workshop is in middle of dessert not because they want to give burden to customer but industry have building rules to fallow and budget.
    -They charge high because you could have warranty in repairs and parts (sharja jabel ali etc, garage?)
    -You buy a bentley not a tata. This car need to be repaired and serviced by highly trained official dealers. Will you risk it?
    -Any establishment can have a bad service sometimes.
    -things break apart whether new or old its part of life
    -Its your money your own decision and power to blame

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