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By Shahzad Sheikh

[UPDATE! – Top top 5 most viewed videos, reviews and stories we did in 2014]

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1. Motoring Middle East drives the Nissan Juke-R at the Dubai Autodrome

He may look like a very poor fake Santa with a major paper balaclava malfunction, but Imthishan was one of the first in the UAE to drive the Nissan GT-R based Juke R. Here he in under instruction at the Dubai Autodrome. Read the review.

2. Drifting in the Toyota 86 with UAE Drift star Ahmed Al-Amri

It’s the car we’d all been waiting for, and the preceding hype building this up as the ultimate drift car couldn’t be ignored. So for the UAE launch, Toyota roped in the local Drift King, Ahmed Al-Amri and I got a very sideways ride with him – here he is in action. Read my review of the 86.

3. MME Webshow Episode 6

Our most viewed episode so far featured Imthishan off-roading in Oman with Mercedes, the Lexus LS launch, first images of the Lambo Aventador Roadster and one of only four Ford Mustang Boss 302s for sale in the UAE. Read our Lexus LS review.

4. Land Rover Owners Club UAE, Dubai Parade

One of my favourites – this is just a simple but enjoyable time-lapse video with a great soundtrack featuring a die-hard Land Rover fan just enjoying his Series 1 and leading a parade of Landies through the streets of Dubai. See full album of images.

5. 2012 Toyota Camry Press launch Dubai, UAE. December 2011

One of the most important cars of the year, we would clearly have to take this new car launch very seriously… Nah! Turn up the volume and let’s get those heads banging (about two-thirds of the way in) – not to mention the silly faces! Read the review.

6. Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II press launch, Cote d’Azur, May 2012

We flew to the very glamorous Cote d’Azur to sample the Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II and teamed up with Imran Malik from some small local UAE magazine called Wheelies or something like that. Obviously this test would have to be treated with the utmost of respect with perhaps some appropriate classic music etc. Once again, I failed the brief, watch it through for our rendition of Eye of the Tiger! Read my review.

7. 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 at Dubai Autodrome

We headed to the Dubai Autodrome to drive the Chrysler range on track ending with a session in the might Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, which sounds magnificent. Read our twin test of that car with Mercedes ML63 AMG here.

8. Kuwait Car Museum City – Kids driving school

In Kuwait there is a wonderful car museum that you absolutely must visit if you happen to find yourself in Kuwait City. And if you have kids they’ll love it even more, because there’s an indoor driving school completely with junctions and signals and working electric cars. Our own big kid, Imthishan had a go and here’s a go-pro (speeded-up) of the drive experience! Read the story.

9. 2012 Mini Roadster press launch, Portugal

Video review from the Portugal press launch of the new Mini Roadster, teaming up with James Gent of Read the review.

10. Drifting at MEMTS, Sharjah, UAE, 16 March 2012

And we round off the top 10 with a little more drifting, this time from the Sharjah Motor Tuning Show. Read the story.

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