Our Cars: 2012 Toyota Yaris – week 2

Second update on our time with the little Yaris
By Shahzad Sheikh

Yaris has been helping to shoot stars

Week 2: 13-19th January 2012

Second week into our ‘ownership’ with the Yaris and we’re continuing to enjoy its peppy performance, its darty handling and its practicality in a compact package.

We’ve put 1396km onto the 4384km it came with since we got it, and our second fill up cost even less than the first AED62, yet we got nearly 480km out of it this time – and believe you me, I’m not exactly trying to be economical. So it’s continuing to prove a thrifty day-to-day partner.

Meanwhile, the wife borrowed the Yaris for a little shopping excursion, and confirmed that it ‘Feels like a little hamster, surprisingly quick, but smooth controls. Very easy to drive and nippy.’

A trip to Abu Dhabi proved that whilst it might get tiring on really long journeys, and it was perfectly adept at doing a couple of hours on the motorway, and proved comfortable as well as keeping up a good pace very easily.


I’m seeing more and more of the new shape Yaris cars on the road, so we’re clearly not alone in thinking this is quite simply one of the best city car packages available right now. In fact… whisper this now… hang-on, let me just check to see no one’s looking over my shoulder as a I type this… but… the other day, I found myself giving the car a little affectionate pat on the roof as I left it alone overnight at the Yas Marina circuit! I think I might be developing a real soft spot for this little car.

Left the Yaris overnight at Yas Marina circuit – but it was in good company, even if it might have felt a little out of place

Love for a Yaris?! Do you think I need help? Well I do. Any car counsellors out there, please feel free to get in touch!

Check back in week three to find out if I still feel the same in seven days. And follow our near daily updates on our Facebook page.

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Have you just bought a new Yaris? Let us know how you are getting on with it

Pictures by me

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