Jaguar XE-S 3.0 V6 video review

Added torque makes the well-defined chassis shine even more

By Shahzad Sheikh

Jaguar XE-S 3.0 V6

Just a few weeks ago I tested the Jaguar XE 2.0 240bhp, and despite my scepticism at the fabled British sports and luxury marque heading once again down that doomed route to  being an workaday saloon for the masses, it actually totally won me over, from the simple fact that it was such an unbridled joy to drive.

Click below to see my video review of the new Jaguar XE-S

At the end of the review ‘more power’ is what I demanded, and more power is what we have here. A whole 100bhp more in fact for a price rise of AED40,000. This gets a 3.0 V6 supercharged engine putting out 340bhp giving it a 0-100kph time of 5.1secs and a top speed of 250kph.

Jaguar XE-S 3.0 V6

So I’ll dispense with the usual look at the styling (this has got bigger front air intakes, larger wheels and contrasting sideskirts, and it looks fantastic), space, comfort, ergonomics and practicality etc, that was all covered in my previous review which you can read here.

Jaguar XE-S 3.0 V6

Let’s move instead straight to the drive. And of course it’s better. There’s more torque, more get-go from the off, the instant or two of waiting for the Turbo is gone, and you don’t have to concentrate and work as hard trying to keep the engine in its sweet spot for power.


Instead there’s power through a much wider rev range. This somehow makes the 8-speed transmission much happier in this car than it was in the 2.0, but even though, when you’re pushing it to through your favourite set of curves (in more entertaining Dynamic mode of course) just flick one of the paddles and you get better control.

Jaguar XE-S 3.0 V6

Third is handy, most of the punch is there, though you may forget to change up because it never really seems to run out of puff, and also because the thrummier, deeper engine note and sweeter, smoother hum is just more appealing.


If I could find any criticism at all, and these are quite minor, it would be that the ride was fractionally more brittle at lower speeds because of the bigger wheels on this car – though those diamond-cut alloys do look awesome – and there’s a smidge more understeer testifying to perhaps slightly more bulk up front.

Jaguar XE-S 3.0 V6

But honestly there’s very little in it. So little in fact, that I still maintain that the 2.0-litre 240bhp is a fantastic offering and possibly still better value for money because it offers just as much fun with a better ride, but of course you have to work harder to get it up to speed and keep it there.



So the conclusion here is simple. If you can stretch to the extra money, buy the XE-S because it’s faster and better looking on the outside and inside and sounds meaner. But if your budget is better suited to the other car, go for it without hesitation and know that you’re not being short-changed whatsoever. It gives you 80% of the performance with 90% of the fun.

Well done Jaguar, now hurry up and make the R version with the 500bhp V8 up front – now that should be mental innit?

Jaguar XE-S 3.0 V6

Jaguar XE-S video review – The Specs

Price: AED234,000 (US$64k)
Engine: 3.0-litre V6, 340bhp @ 6500rpm, 332lb ft @ 4500rpm
Performance: 0-100kph 5.1secs, 250kph, 8.1L/100km
Transmission: 8-speed auto, rear-wheel drive
Weight:  1665kg


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