Chrysler 300C SRT Long Term Test

We first drove it last year and loved it so much we gave it an award. But just to be sure, we’ve pinched for a bit longer

By Shahzad Sheikh

Chrysler 300C SRT Long term test

This is our 2016 Chrysler 300C SRT Long Term test car.

We have previously reviewed the 300C SRT and you can read and watch the review by clicking here now.

It already won a trophy in our 2015 Motoring Middle East Car of the Year Awards. Read about our awards here. 

Whilst this car looks very similar in spec to the one we tested in our previous review, this is a newer car and features dark-tinted wheels, all-black grille and front lower grille and air-intake, as well as black window-surrounds for a real mean and moody look – I much prefer it in this trim!

It’s obviously a well-equipped press car which came to us relatively box-fresh with just 1869km on the clock. We’re posting regular and more frequent updates on our social media channels and you can find those by searching #MMELongTermer & #MME300CSRT. 

Chrysler 300C SRT – The Specs

Price: AED249,999 ($68k)
Engine: 6.4-litre V8 HEMI, 485bhp @ 6000rpm, 475lb ft @ 4200rpm
Performance: 0-100kph 4.5secs, 290kph, 13.1L/100km
Transmission: 8-speed auto, rear-wheel drive
Weight:  2050kg

Weeks 1 & 2

I’ve already professed my love for this vehicle in the review (link above). But to summarise, this is a comfy and luxurious executive level sophisticated cruiser, with a mental performance bruiser streak and what feels like considerably more than the quoted 485bhp – I’ve said this before but in some 500bhp cars you wonder where all the power actually is, but in SRT models you feel every one of those ponies and more!

I use the remote start a lot because it always barks to life with a roar that’ll wake up the dead and then proceeds to burble everywhere. There are extensive SRT settings – and I’ve got a preferred setting which combines comfort and performance, but actually I tend to just leave it in Default which I’ve got all set to ‘Street’ mode, because even in that it can be loud, lairy and ready to pulverise any car that dare challenge its superiority.

The instrument panel is a joy to behold and endlessly configurable with full track data recording facilities, watch the two videos below in which I talk you through that and the centre screen with its SRT settings in detail.

This car is a thug in a suit, a Mafia Don on wheels, it’s your best friend and everyone else’s worst enemy. From behind the wheel it puts a grin on your face and a dent in your wallet as your right foots seems unable to control its propensity to go plundering the Earth’s meager resources with merely a downward twitch, resulting in the 300 gulping down fossil fuel and going slidey-widey (even with traction systems fully engaged) – and that’s usually at just three-quarters throttle!

And from the outside – well you’ll turn back to look at this car EVERY single time without fail. It has a presence, a stance, a credible authority that sees people part the way ahead of you. Leave it parked and watch for a bit and you’ll see it’s a bit of a head turner, particularly with those that realise what it is. And a rare thing it is too – because as we’ve said previously not even America presently gets a new Chrysler 300C SRT (there SRT being now reserved exclusively for Dodge vehicles) so we’re one of only a few places privileged enough to get this car. That’s reason enough to get one, as if you’d need another reason.

And despite what I said above about it being a glorious way to ride the road to ruination financial, I have actually managed to achieve well below 10L/100km on a run and it does have cylinder deactivation if you can be sensible – so if have the willpower of saint you can still cruise in style and manage to save money. Need proof? Watch the vid below.

Even the kids love the 300C SRT. As you can imagine they’ve been fortunate to ride in a lot of great cars over the years, so it’s saying something when Junaid says one day ‘Can we just keep this one? This is a really cool car to ride in!’ And he even rated the stereo very highly – there always being a bit of fight over whose phone is going to synch up to Bluetooth Audio each time we get in the car.

Being Ramadan I really haven’t had an opportunity to drive this as much as I’d like too, as I’m mostly avoiding going out whilst fasting. It’s also spent most of its time dirty because there’s a lot of construction around my place and it can’t stay clean for long even if I do get it washed. It does look cool even when its filthy, but the contrasting trim looks really bad-ass after a wash.

I hope to take it out during Eid and perhaps try and do a few pics with it then. It really is a handsome machine, though a full set of my previous Chrysler 300C SRT pictures are available in the review we’ve already done on the car – link here. 

I’ve honestly struggled to find anything to complain about with this car and so far identified only that perhaps the wing mirrors could be a bit bigger. But then it does have a blind-spot warning beep, there also lane-keep and collision avoidance warning and braking – both of which I mostly keep off.

This is a truly superb and special vehicle that combines old-skool charisma with modern build, safety and user-friendliness. I absolutely adore it and would own one in a heartbeat as a daily driver.

More soon – meanwhile follow us on all social media using #MMELongTermer & #MME300CSRT and keep up to date with me on SnapChat @shahzad_sheikh.

Weeks 3-6

Quite simply one of THE most satisfying cars to own and run that you can presently buy.

Starting up and getting in:

Fuel economy and which fuel to use:

SRT Performance Apps page – plus live horsepower and torque readings

Always comfortable, irrepressibly fast, as handsome as the devil, dripping in personality and utterly unbreakable – incredibly dependable and desirable. It’s due to go back now and they’re having to literally pry the keys from my fingers. The whole family is in mourning – we’re really going to miss this car.

I would buy one in a heartbeat!

Final Report

Farewell under protest – with apologies to Charlotte Bronte 😉

Let us know what you think of the Chrysler 300C SRT below in the comments


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