Bentley Continental GT V8S Review 2

Quick second take review of the GT V8S – best of breed we think

By Shahzad Sheikh

Bentley Continental GT V8S

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Black front splitter, black wing mirrors, 10mm lower and 21bhp, suspension stiffening and a sports exhaust – doesn’t really sound like much does it? Nor does this GT V8 S look substantially different from any other Continental GT in the range.

However, I’ll say it now and categorically – the GT V8 S is the best of the breed, the pick of the bunch, the one to have when it comes to Bentley’s. It’s the modified Bentley, the tuner Bentley, the yoof Bentley, it’s the one you should get if you were inclined to buy a Continental GT.

I’ve always preferred the V8 model over the W12, it just feels sprightlier and sounds gruntier. But this S version – whilst not really making a huge difference in performance, does sound even better (you can actually just sit and rev the thing for your own entertainment) but the poise and body control is so much better.

Compared to the regular GT models which feel like they’re gliding along atop the road surface, this V8 S is hunkered down and pinned more tightly to the tarmac. As a result the steering response is better, the turn-in is keener, the understeer is reduced and the taught body inspires more confidence to exploit the already prodigious grip through corners. There is less roll – the car just feels more planted.

Bentley Continental GT V8S

Admittedly that means the ride suffers a little, and if you slide up the settings to the more firmer modes it’s quite fidgety. Frankly speaking though, you don’t need to. Just leave it comfort where it’s still sportier than its lesser siblings anyway.

There’s definitely a more energetic and, dare I say, sportier feel to the V8 S and the drive is by far the most appealing of the lineup, particularly if you’re not just all about comfort and cruising – which, don’t get me wrong, it’ll still do very well indeed.

Downsides? Yeah, the interior still looks exquisite, but needs freshening up, particularly the electronics and entertainment – the Bentley people just need to nip across to sister brand Audi and swipe some of the stuff they already have in their latest models when no one is looking!

Otherwise this is quite simply the best Conti GT so far. Get it in a loud colour though – I would suggest this Monaco Yellow. Lovely.

Bentley Continental GT V8S

2014 Bentley Continental GT V8S – The Specs

Price: Approx AED1million ($275k) as tested
Engine: 4.0-litre V8 twin-turbo, 521bhp @ 6000rpm, 502lb ft @ 1700rpm
Transmission: Eight-speed automatic, all wheel drive
Fuel Economy: 10.5/100km
Performance: 0-100kph 4.5 seconds, Top speed 310kph
Gross Weight: 2295kg

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