2022 McLaren GT Review: The Ultimate Daily Supercar

The 2022 McLaren GT proves you can make a daily out of a supercar
By Imthishan Giado

2022 McLaren GT

2022 McLaren GT

First things first – there’s no such thing as a daily driven supercar.

It’s an utter nonsense. These are supposed to be special things, for special occasions. To use them everyday would diminish the thrill of having them. And old supercars proved why it was impossible to drive one everyday – they were balky, difficult things, prone to breaking down, highly strung, with unbelievably expensive maintenance, and just plain difficult to drive. And on top of all that, if you drove one a lot, you’d destroy the resale value.

But it was the Honda NSX which changed things. What a brilliant machine – easy to see out of, easy to use for long distances, and no more difficult to operate than a Honda Accord! But it definitely wasn’t a daily supercar, despite the media’s declarations. Thanks to an aggressive alignment, it would eat tires within 10,000km. It still required NSX-specific maintenance, and the V6 engine wasn’t actually shared with any other Hondas. So close, but no cigar.

Now we have this, the McLaren GT. Starting at 875,000 AED and blessed with the same 4.0 twin-turbo V8 used in every other McLaren, on the surface it’s just another similar-looking supercar in the Woking stable. But look closer. The ride’s been softened, it’s not fearsomely aggressive on the throttle – it’s genuinely easy to drive. But when you whack all the systems to “active”, it’ll still deliver a mighty wallop. It corners with keen intent, and only slightly spongy brakes distinguish it from big brothers 720S and 765LT.

But what’s most shocking about it is not the performance. It’s that the McLaren GT is just so damn easy to live with. The seats are amazingly comfy, the Bowers & Wilkins stereo absolutely slays, and it’s quiet, composed, and easy to park. Not to mention, an intuitive Android infotainment system.

Compare this to the Ferrari Roma I drove recently. Mind meltingly beautiful, but to do simple things like adjust the volume would drive you absolutely potty. The ride was a bit flinty, too. And in terms of rear visibility, I think the GT is actually better – despite being a mid engined supercar. Don’t get me wrong – the Ferrari is ultimately a more exciting and more desirable car. And given that we’re talking about supercars, this should be the point.

But honestly, I was very surprised by how much more I liked the McLaren. It’s simply friendlier. And if by some chance I had the keys to both the Roma and a GT…what I picked up might well surprise fans of the Prancing Horse. Well done, Woking.

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