2018 Audi A7 55 TFSI Review

Sleek new Audi  is so good it puts on a light show to celebrate

By Shahzad Sheikh

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This is the all new 2018 Audi A7 which I reviewed in the UK this summer. This 55 TFSI features a 3.0-litre V6 putting out 335bhp and 369lb ft from just 1370rpm up to 4500rpm. That results in a remarkable 0-100kph time of 5.3 seconds.


It’s Quattro of course, but it’s new Quattro, so it’s actually front wheel drive most of the time until you need the extra grip. It gets a 7-speed dual clutch automatic and in the UK it’s priced at GBP57,000, and in the UAE prices will start at AED315,000 ($86k) including VAT (the price I incorrectly quoted in the video was actually for the specced-up Dubai press car (AED379k).

2018 Audi A7 55 TFSI Review

At the front it may look familiar, but it’s got a sharper face with a wider grille and very clean lines wrapped along this coupe-style shape, complete with delightful frameless doors and a crisp, sloping rear roofline. All nicely finished at the rear with one of its best feature, the extraordinary full-length LED taillights with 13 vertical elements – lock and unlock the car and these put on a light show of epic proportions. KITT from Knight Rider would be envious.


Like its big brother, the Audi A8, on which this is partially based, the A7 is packed with technology including advance driver aids features and even the MHEV – a mild hybrid system which recoups power and enables the car to carry out extraordinary feats such as employing the automatic fuel-saving stop-start system on the move at up 22kph.


And along with the good looks and sensational tech, it’s practical too – the boot can expand from 535 litres to 1390 litres with the seats down – I know this because I actually used it to move a bunch of stuff that it swallowed with ease! There’s also 21mm of extra room for rear seat occupants. And they get their own AC controls.

In the front there’s a great new cockpit design with screens dominating it and removing the need for the traditional Audi MMI controller knob for the infotainment system. Practical features include being able to write letters onto the screen and quick access to a 360 degree camera.


On the go, it has very good performance as you’d expect from the numbers above, but it’s a measured and controlled delivery, which fits ideally with its serene ride and comfort. Certainly it handles and grips well with good body control, but this car is geared more towards pampering you rather than ripping up the road (they’re probably reserving that for the S7 and especially the RS7 – can’t wait for that!).


However the overriding takeaway from this car is the feel-good factor. Whether parked in your drive or storming down the motorway, or gliding about town, you know this is something rather special. And outwardly it definitely still retains class and style, and is something of a head turner. A great alternative to an E-Class and 5-Series that will surely threaten to steal some of its rivals’ sales.


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