2016 Lexus RX350

All-new edition of the popular luxury family SUV from Lexus

By Shahzad Sheikh

Lexus RX350

The best-selling Lexus in America is the RX model. So you’d think that the Japanese manufacturer would want to play it safe and not mess with a popular formula, right?

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However new Lexus is bold and confident, and desperately wants to get away from the ‘brilliant to own, but boring to look’ at reputation it has had in the past. That means new styling with a family-look Predator grille, as I call it, which is divisive.

Lexus RX350

I quite like it personally, particularly the ‘floating roof’ side profile thanks to the apparently gap in the C-pillar (an illusion actually) that makes the RX stand out as unique to the smaller NX that follows these similar styling themes.

Lexus RX350

The ‘cutting edge’ styling suggests a modernity that thankfully the car itself totally delivers. There is a hybrid version of this car available here (the RX450h priced at AED225,000 for the Prestige and AED265,00 for the F-Sport) but we’re in the more traditional engine RX350 with a 3.5-litre V6 putting out 295bhp but in range-topping F-Sport guise.

Lexus RX350

This one is AED265,000 (yep same as the 450h which has the same power but better economy and lower emissions, so you might as well go for that one), with the Platinum at AED255,000, the Prestige at AED225,000 and the entry-level Premier at AED195,000.

Lexus RX350

But since the Premier makes do with smaller 18-inch wheels, chrome bits, panoramic sunroof, and lots of other kit, we’d recommend you go for Prestige or higher.

Lexus RX350

The new car is longer by over 50mm with an increased wheelbase that frees up more interior space. And the inside of this car is a very plush, comfortable, modern and inviting place to be. The whiplash-preventing front seats are very nice and there’s a good seating position.

Lexus RX350

There are tons of gadgets, but these are actually easier to use and get to than most of its siblings in the Lexus range as it takes a slightly more modern approach. It gets a massive rear screen and a superb sound system.

Lexus RX350

Performance is strong, smooth and linear – the motor even sounds good, and handling is better than you’d expect particularly in Sports. The ride and refinement are the real takeaways with this car though, very well sorted and competent. As you’ll see in the video even driving over patches of sand leaves the car completely unfazed.

Lexus RX350

Overall a superb and very modern new offering from Lexus that departs dramatically in many ways from its much-loved predecessor. If you love the styling, as I do, get one. If you don’t then just get over it and still get one!

2016 Lexus RX350 – The Specs

 AED195,000 ($53k)
Prestige AED225,000 ($61k)
Platinum AED255,000 ($69k)
F-Sport AED265,000 ($72k)
Engine: 3.5-litre V6, 295bhp @ 6300rpm, 267lb ft @ 4700rpm
Performance: 7.5secs 0-100kph (est), 228kph, 10.7L/100
Transmission: Eight-speed auto, four-wheel drive
Weight: 1990kg

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