2016 Ford Edge Review

Giving up your Mustang for to start a family? Get this instead

By Shahzad Sheikh

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The Ford Edge comes in a variety of flavours – Front-wheel drive or All-wheel drive with a choice of three engines and four trim levels. Prices in the UAE start from AED115,000 ($31k) for the FWD SE model – that comes with either the 2.0 4cylinder Ecoboost 245bhp 275lb ft power unit or the 3.5 V6 with 280bhp and 250lb ft.

Now we realise that V6 sounds better to you – because it’s got more pistons and horses, but we urge you to test drive both before deciding, because the Ecoboost has better low range torque and feels punchier in normal driving around town.

2016 Ford Edge Review

AED120,000 ($33k) gets you AWD versions of  the SE (definitely worth it for just a AED5k premium). The next level up are SEL models at AED135,000 ($37k) – again with a choice of those same two power units, but it only comes as AWD.

Titanium model only comes with the 3.5 V6 and AWD and ranges from AED165,000 ($45k) to AED180,000 ($49k). The car tested is the Sport, an AWD with a 2.7 V6 with 315bhp and 350lb ft of torque from AED190,000 ($52k).

2016 Ford Edge Review

The interior is spacious, practical and user-friendly. The full-length sunroof gives it an airy inviting appeal. There’s enough room in the back for tall me (over 6ft) to sit comfortably behind the front seat set for me. In the back there are a/c vents, power supplies and armrest.

The boot initially appears not quite as deep as you’d expect, but under the handy washable rubber mat are more compartments alongside the space-saver wheel. Hooks and power supplies in the boot as well as split folding rear seats add to the cargo-carrying practicality.

2016 Ford Edge Review

In the driver’s seat you’re immediately comfortable. There’s lots of buttons on the steering wheel to configure the instrument panel displays, though both this and the centre infotainment monitor does suffer from reflections occassionally.

There’s lots of storage spaces, and cubby boxes including a tray under the floating centre console and more power supplies. Not enough USB ports though. It’s well equipped with all the usual modern driver’s aids including cameras and I like the fact that there’s a button right under the monitor to operate the camera.

2016 Ford Edge Review

The six-speed auto gets a Sports mode and paddle shifts – it’s the same as you’d find in the Mustang, but here it works much better, both at regular speeds and when pressing on, so making the paddles unnecessary.

Which is crucial because the moment you set off at full bore (as you push pass the slight initial lag on the throttle response) you get a deep and purposeful thrum from the engine that immediately means business.

2016 Ford Edge Review

The torque delivery provides for a punchy acceleration, nicely snapping up the gear ratios. The brakes could do with a bit more progressive action, but do bite hard when you need them. Apart from the very pleasing fact that the ride is remarkably good even on a rough road, there is some safe understeer, but also excellent grip.

The active adaptive ratio steering takes a little getting used to when moving from slow speeds to higher speeds, but it is very faithful and responsive with good weighting and feel. All of this combines to provide a great set of ingredients for making it a very – and surprisingly – entertaining car to drive.

2016 Ford Edge Review


Extremely practical and usable for its size, punchy engine, great handling and pleasingly fun to drive. At nearly AED200k it’s a bit pricey though for this class and type of car – so who is it for? I think what Ford has done here is created a vehicle to keep Mustang owners in the family when they… well… have a family of their own.

The come down from muscle car to family SUV will be much easier to bear and adapt to if you go for the Edge Sport. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a mid-size family SUV, then I’d recommend looking at the 2.0 Ecoboost motor with AWD from AED120k.

2016 Ford Edge Review

2016 Ford Edge Sport – The Specs

Price: AED190,000 ($52k)
Engine: 2.7-litre V6, 315bhp @ 4750rpm, 350lb ft @ 2750rpm
Performance: 0-100kph 6.4secs, 239kph, 11.8L/100km
Transmission: 6-speed auto, All-wheel drive
Weight: 1850kg

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