Nissan launches Nismo in the Middle East + Nismo Patrol !!

Three performance models including Nismo Patrol developed just for us!

By Shahzad Sheikh

Nissan launches Nismo in the Middle East

Nismo – the motorsports and performance wing of Nissan is officially in the region! Three complete built up Nismo editions will be available shortly after the Dubai Motor Show where they will be showcased for the first time officially in the Middle East region.

The three models representing Nismo in the Middle East are the 370Z, Nissan GT-R and, unique to and developed specifically for our region, the Nismo Patrol!

Click below to watch my video intro to the Nismo Patrol and my first impressions of driving the Nismo GT-R at the Dubai Autodrome circuit.

Nismo – best known for creating race and championship winners for Nissan since 1984, recently moved closer towards the road car business as Nissan’s performance brand. There are currently five ‘Nismo’ spec models available in different markets around the world, but this is the first time the brand is being introduced to our region.

Of the five we get two – the GT-R and the 370Z – plus a whole new one that was specifically developed for our region. We attended the global premiere of this, the Nismo Patrol, at Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai last week.

Nissan launches Nismo in the Middle East

We weren’t allowed to drive the Nismo Patrol as they were still pre-production cars, but riding in the passenger seat for a couple of hot-ish laps of the hill circuit at the Dubai Autodrome, proved the cars are more rigid and settled through the corners, with better anchors to haul up the fast heavyweight.

Driving the Nismo GT-R confirmed that it’s a superb track car, even moreso than a road car, and that the Nismo version simply turns up to 11 an already extremely competent and track-capable car. It flatters the drivers, doesn’t mind playing at the limit, but always feels planted, secure and stable at speed, affording tremendous confidence – not to mention stunning speed.

No information regarding prices or when these models will actually be available was released, but we can give you the following information.

Nissan launches Nismo in the Middle East

NISMO Patrol 

  • 428bhp – up from 400bhp
  • Torque improvement  over 70% rev-range
  • NISMO 22″ RAYS forged-alloy wheels
  • NISMO tuned suspension using ‘Bilstein’ shock absorbers for improved handling and ride comfort
  • Takumi tuned Engine
  • Customized body reinforcements for precision steering & quick response
  • Segment first Zero-Lift aerodynamic body kit
  • NISMO signature designed body kit
  • NISMO Sport tuned Power Steering
  • NISMO Bespoke designed interiors

Nissan launches Nismo in the Middle East


(MY15 GT-R NISMO US spec as reference)

  • 600hp up from 550bhp.
  • Advanced aerodynamics generating additional 100kg of downforce at 300kph


(MY15 Z NISMO US spec as reference)

  • Refreshed 370Z NISMO features new exterior appearance, redesigned wheels and enhanced interior
  • Performance enhancements include retuned suspension and Recaro co-developed seats exclusively designed for 370Z Nismo

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