Next Subaru WRX Teased

Come on Subaru, show us the bloody car already
By Imthishan Giado

2015 Subaru WRX

Update: A Japanese BRZ fan site has leaked the final car.

Update 2: A leaked Car & Driver article has revealed that the new WRX will sport a turbocharged version of the 86’s 2.0-litre engine making 268bhp at 5600rpm and 258lb ft of torque at 4800rpm. Transmission options will include either a six-speed manual or – horror of horrors – a CVT gearbox. The electric steering will have a quicker ratio, the front brakes are bigger and so are the tyres, 235/45 R17s.

I get the feeling that Subaru engineers are really crap in the bedroom.  They’ve been teasing this new WRX since March, they showed an actual preview concept at the New York Auto Show, then they did endless loops of the Nurburgring in a tubby car that frankly didn’t look half as good as the NY car. Now they’re at it again, with yet another teaser image released of the final production car, scheduled to be shown at the LA Auto Show on Nov 20.

2014 Subaru WRX

Hard to make too many details from this awkward angle; good to know that the ever-present gigantic hood-scoop are back, joined by the in-fashion LED headlights. Certainly more chiselled looking than the blobby outgoing car which was largely responsible for the slow death of the WRX in the public consciousness, the latter sporting a 2.5-litre turbo four that provided temperamental in the hands of modifiers. The new Rex is likely to only be sold as a saloon, with as always a turbocharged boxer engine with Subaru’s famous all-wheel drive system.

Let’s hope the new car finally has a decent interior to match the ballistic performance – the old one was the epitome of ’90s Japanese taxicab.

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