New Mercedes G-Class in 2017

Big G to get big update after 35 years
Imthishan Giado

Mercedes G-Class

The G-Class is the great automotive conundrum. Here is an archaic rough-riding body-on-frame, solid axle 4×4 that has been essentially unchanged for the past 35 years and yet it continues to be wildly successful. How much so? Last year, they sold the most G-Classes ever and most of them were the super-profitable AMG versions.

With the current global regulatory climate though, it’s really hard to keep the thirsty, unaerodynamic G-Class going. Hence 2017 is going to see an update so comprehensive, Autocar claims it can effectively be considered a new vehicle.

Weight will be slashed with the extensive use of aluminium, aiming to cut weight by more than 200kg. The car will also be widened by 100mm to accommodate a new four-link front suspension and increase overall stability; this also allows increased interior space in the currently quite narrow G. Electric steering is expected to be fitted, while the cabin will share trim with the recently launched C-Class.

Autocar projects a new 360bhp petrol engine, possibly a return to the classic inline-six configuration, alongside the usual bevy of megapowered AMG variants. Mercedes’ next-gen nine-speed auto will be the standard transmission.

Source: Autocar

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