New 2015 Smart ForTwo snapped in Dubai and CLA Shooting Brake?

We catch the next generation Smart ForTwo hot weather testing in camouflage out testing in the Middle East

By Shahzad Sheikh

2016 Smart ForTwo caught testing in Dubai

Imthishan’s out driving the new GMC Yukon today, but he managed to capture these images whilst riding along as a passenger and has just sent them back to base.

The appear to be of the all-new next generation Smart car. The complete revamp of the little car built by Mercedes is being done in collaboration with Renault.

2016 Smart ForTwo caught testing in Dubai

According to some reports the new platform for the 2015 Smart ForTwo is dubbed Project Edison and will also form the basis of the forthcoming Renault Twingo, and is likely to be a little bigger than the current Smart car.

It’s likely to keep the rear-engined, rear-wheel drive layout, but could also form the basis of a larger ForFour – although the last time they introduced that it didn’t last on sale very long.

2016 Smart ForTwo caught testing in Dubai

He also captured a disguised Mercedes. This is less easy to discern, especially as there are a whole raft of new Mercs on the way, but I would guess at it being the a CLA – perhaps a new Shooting Brake (estate/wagon) version.

It’s unlikely either of these cars would be coming to our region officially.

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