Meet Darth Vader’s Desert Ride: The Lexus LX570 Supercharged

450bhp upgrade for Lexus’s SUV top dog
Imthishan Giado

Lexus LX570 Supercharged

Amongst luxury manufacturers, Lexus prides itself on knowing what customers want. And what Middle East customers want is power, which is why we’re getting a supercharged version of the popular LX570.

Lexus LX570 Supercharged

Only 200 units will be coming to the region, with the regular 5.7-litre V8 getting a bump from 362bhp/390lb ft to a healthier 450bhp and a massive 520lb ft of torque courtesy of the blower. This isn’t a dealer special – the cars are developed and built in Japan. Seeing as a supercharged version of the Tundra (which uses the exact same powertrain) is available in the United States however, they probably didn’t have to look far to find the parts bin.

ID’ing the Supercharged LX570 will be tricky to spot from the outside, as Lexus customers probably prefer. There’s a discreet ‘Supercharged’ badge scross the  tailgate handle and on the door sills and an exclusive red colour though I rather like this sinister black they’ve got for the photography car.

The LX570 Supercharged costs the princely sum of AED600,000; our sources tell us that the region’s allocation is already sold out.

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  1. HAMED AL HARTHY says:

    I find for LEXUS LX 570 MODEL 2015 Colour SLEEK ECRU METALLIC.

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