Longest Twin Drift record set in Dubai – Video!

Guiness World Record set in the UAE by Prodrift Academy & Nissan Middle East for longest twin drift

By Shahzad Sheikh

Longest Twin Drift record set in Dubai

The Prodrift Academy and Nissan Middle East set a new Guinness World Records title for the longest twin vehicle drifting on 14th December at the Global Village in Dubai, UAE.

Driven by James Deane from Ireland and Ahmad Daham from Jordan, two Nissan Z cars drifted around a track at the same time without stopping for 28.52 kilometers for the longest twin drift record.

The current Drift Allstars European champion Deane, and current Red Bull Car Park Drift King Daham, completed 100 laps of synchronised continuous drifting on a pre-assigned course with over 200 transitions for a duration of 45 minutes – an amazing feat requiring an lot of concentration and consistency.

The record was set in the second attempt during the launch of the ‘Nissan 370Z Drift Experience’ which will offer anyone the opportunity to learn and perfect the art of drifting as part of a collaboration between Nissan Middle East and the Prodrift Academy, and is carried out using Nissan 370Zs with the Prodrift Academy’s professional drift instructors in a safe and controlled environment.

Prodrift Academy Managing Director Graham McNamara said: ‘I’m extremely proud of the hard work that has gone into achieving this Guinness World Records title by both the Prodrift Academy and the team at Nissan. We wanted a record that would be relevant to professional drifting and I believe we achieved that by setting a Guinness World Record in twin drifting, which is the pinnacle of the sport.

Longest Twin Drift record set in Dubai

Samir Cherfan, Managing Director, Nissan Middle East, said: ‘With today’s accomplishment of setting a new Guinness World Records title, we have proven again the strength of our vehicles by adding another Guinness World Records record to our list. The Nissan Z is a very popular car in the drifting scene and this new record is yet another proof on the ability of this car to make drifting look so easy.’

Mohammad Al Falasi, Managing Director of the Prodrift Academy added: ‘Drifting has been a very popular sport among young people in the region and we are extremely proud to be able to develop this sport further among the fans in a safe and authorized environment, thanks to Nissan Middle East. Our professional instructors are dedicated to transforming young talents into world class performers with the help of the iconic Nissan Z due to its controlling power.’

In August 2013, Nissan Middle East broke another Guinness World Records title when the Nissan Patrol demonstrated its strength by successfully towing the world’s heaviest aircraft. The nearly 3-ton 4WD “Hero of All Terrains in Life” pulled a 170.9-ton cargo plane for more than 164 feet (50 meters) at Sharjah International Airport in the UAE.

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