Listen To The Sound Of The Next Mazda Miata

The reveal of the new Miata is just two months away
Imthishan Giado

Miata Reveal

September 3. That’s the big date when Mazda will reveal the next generation of the world’s best-selling sports car at Laguna Seca Raceway in California. I’ve owned one and dearly miss it, so I can’t wait to see  what the boys from Hiroshima have cooked up for the fourth generation ND car. Seriously, if you call yourself a car person, you need to get behind the wheel of a Miata someday.

We know that it will retain a 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine hooked up to either a six-speed manual or an auto, electric power steering, the curb weight be even lower and you’ll be extraordinarily lucky if it has 200bhp. No turbos, no hybrids, just simple, classic engineering.

Check out the video to hear how the new Miata sounds!

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  1. Hendrik says:

    Want one !

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