This Summer’s Must-See Top Motoring Events

Planning to travel this summer, then make sure you include these top world motoring events. They’re not to be missed by car-loving tourists

By Shahzad Sheikh

This Summer's Must-See Motoring Events

Goodwood Festival of Speed 26-29 June 2014

Celebration of speed in the Earl of March’s backyard

Once a year, Charles Gordon-Lennox, the Earl of March and Kinrara, opens up the considerably capacious grounds of his massive country estate to an unadulterated celebration of speed. It’s rather handy, of course, that his grounds actually contain a pretty decent hillclimb track. And on this track visitors get to see some of the most historic racing cars and their drivers from all over the world and spanning the full history of motor sports all in one place.

This Summer's Must-See Motoring Events

It’s also where you’ll find the newest and most exotic supercars of the day, and virtually a motor show in itself on the greens. There’s pomp, pagentry, glamour and hugh, huge, crowds with maddening traffic jams just to get into the place. It is, as it’s titled, the ultimate Festival of Speed, and if there’s even a drop of octane running through your veins this is a must-do event at least once in your life.

This Summer's Must-See Motoring Events

Woodward Dream Cruise 16 August 2014

40,000 classics and cool cars in one place at one time

In the 1950s Woodward Avenue in Michigan, Detroit was a popular road to cruise on from drive-in to drive-in, with perhaps a little bit of street racing along the way! The cruise was relaunched in 1994 to raise money for a children’s charity. Organisers expected 40,000 people at most, in fact 250,000 turned up. Today, it’s become quite simply the largest single day classic car event in the world with 40,000 cars and around 1.5 million spectators lining the roads. It brings $56 million to the much-in-need Detroit economy.

This Summer's Must-See Motoring Events

Cars range from muscle cars, street rods, custom and collectibles, mostly from the 50s, 60s and 70s, but also newer stuff, particularly since the likes of General Motors started sponsoring it. Now there’s a week-long of activities around the incredible single-day cruise. Big money, and big crowds aside, it is the ultimate petrolhead nirvana.

This Summer's Must-See Motoring Events

Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance Events 4-17 August

The ultimate world Concours

But it’s not just a Concours D’Elegance – which actually takes place on 17th August, but a series of sensational event especially during the main Pebble Beach Automotive Week.

This Summer's Must-See Motoring Events

This includes car shows, auctions, rallies, art exhibitions. The world’s most renowned and well known collectors descend on this venue, and car manufacturers and lifestyle merchandisers are all over it.

It’s one of the most stylish and glamourous car events you’ll ever experience.

This Summer's Must-See Motoring Events

Goodwood Revival 12-14 September

Timewarp into the golden age of motor racing

Remember I said that Earl of March opening his grounds up once a year? I lied. He does it again in September. This time to a full on race track where the clocks go back and its the 50s, 60s and 70s again.

This Summer's Must-See Motoring Events

Not only are all the cars on display and racing around the circuit from the period – with some real gems and superstars amongst them, but legendary older drivers will be piloting them around, often recreating history. It’s an amazing event and made even more special for the fact that even visitors and spectators are required to dress in period-correct dress to attend!
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